Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas for the Modern HomeFireplaces are a unique statement piece that can elevate any living room from ordinary to exceptional. While traditionally a purely functional element, fireplaces have evolved to become artistic pieces in their own right. Many modern homeowners thus choose to include fireplaces in the design of their homes. In this post, we take a closer look at some contemporary fireplace design ideas that might inspire you if you’re looking to have a fireplace installed in your home.

Embracing Minimalism

Minimalism is often one of the core tenets that guides contemporary fireplace design. Gone are the days of exceedingly ornate and intricate fireplaces, as modern homeowners shift their focus towards sleek, clean-looking designs for the centrepieces of their living rooms. When choosing a style for your new fireplace, it would thus be ideal to opt for a more simplistic design that exudes elegance if you are trying to achieve a modern interior design for your home.

Linear Gas Fireplaces

Linear gas fireplaces have gained popularity in recent years among homeowners and interior designers alike for their efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Running on gas burners, these fireplaces are often one of the most efficient types of fireplaces and will provide great functionality coupled with modern stylistic elements. Additionally, they also burn more cleanly compared to traditional wood-fired fireplaces, and you can easily adjust the flame height and output with a gas fireplace, something that you cannot do with a traditional one.

Wall-Mounted Fireplaces

If you’re looking to save on floor space or if you have pets or young children at home, then a wall-mounted fireplace might be a more suitable option. This style of fireplace enables you to enjoy the warmth of a cosy fire without needing a traditional hearth or mantel. With wall-mounted fireplaces, you can also opt for an electric model, enabling you to be environmentally sustainable.

Double-Sided Fireplaces

Double-sided fireplaces are a unique style of fireplace that enables you to share one fireplace between two adjoining spaces. Such a style of fireplace can be built into a connecting wall to create a sense of connection between two different spaces. Additionally, with such fireplaces, you will also have the luxury of choice and can choose between linear, corner and peninsula-style double-sided fireplaces.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Because of the high-risk nature of fireplaces, it is especially important that you engage professionals to help you plan and install your fireplaces. Professionals have the expertise that can help you ensure that your fireplace does not pose a health or fire hazard to you and your loved ones.

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