Australia Heritage Homes wants to build you and your loved ones a home that you can be proud of. That’s the mission that we were founded on, decades ago. We’ve only continued to foster this mindset as the years go by and our expertise broadens. We want you to feel comfortable no matter what Mother Nature may bring on her offensive. And though we definitely think about designing and building with materials that will keep rampant weather out, sometimes the elements work to your benefit.

We’re talking about energy-efficient inclusions and home designs. With the initial investment that you make, you’re paid out in extreme dividends, both in energy and money. Ultimately your home will be both more comfortable and more durable, and you’ve immediately minimized your carbon footprint! In some areas, there are rebates or government incentives for building energy-efficient homes. There is no trade-off in the quality of materials. As a company, we are dedicated to exploring new process efficiencies and building materials which are low in cost, high in quality, and the best for the land these homes are built on.

If this is an element of your home that’s important to you, we will kick off the planning process with that in mind. We always want to encourage our customers to do their own research, but we will also come to the table with many ideas in mind. We will explore renewable energy systems which are all-encompassing. More specifically, we look at a whole-house systems approach to maximize efficiencies which focus on the following:

Here are a couple of strategies to keep in mind that you can discuss with your Australia Heritage Homes team member:

Passive Solar Home Design- We can look to the conditions of the site chosen and the local climate of the area to take advantage of solar energy. This can even positively impact your landscaping strategies, reusing resources where they make the most sense. You want to look at your property as its own caregiver, reducing as much home energy use as possible and meeting the reduced need with onsite solutions that you can manage yourself.

Advanced Home Framing- You can even consider exploring optimum value engineering, or advanced home framing. This minimizes your use of lumber and waste if you’re interested in building a wood-framed home.

Cool Roofs- Cool roofs have been a very successful method of harnessing energy within your property. They use reflective materials which bounce more of the light and take in less heat from sunlight. These are optimal during the warmer months as they keep your home cooler.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ideas that are out there. We look forward to connecting with you and determining the home design that makes the most sense.