The Best Windows for Your HomeThere are a lot of elements that go into the design of your dream home. You can find inspiration anywhere, especially in this day and age. You can check out any number of home renovation magazines and Websites, any day of the week, and the trends will change frequently. You’re allowed to let your tastes and preferences change over time. In fact, that’s what makes designing a new home such an exciting process for you, and the best challenge for us. That being said, the Australian Heritage Homes team is there for you in multiple capacities. If you’re someone who changes their mind pretty frequently, we’ll be there to give our expert advice on your ideas that make sense and perhaps, some that we should steer away from. If you’re someone that has no idea where to start, we’re beyond delighted to step in, have the conversations with you, share information on this blog and guide you in the right direction.

Heritage Windows

We figured that this is probably a valuable series over time, looking at different construction-related elements and having the conversation around options. Let’s kick things off with the best ways to see in your home and out of your home – your windows!

What windows make the most sense for you, your household and the style of your home? First things first, there are NO wrong answers here. What makes you happy, makes you happy. We’re just here to guide the decision-making process so that you feel happy and comfortable. Here are some highlights:

Looking to limit your carbon footprint? Look for windows that have wooden frames; they’ll be more efficient, which is surprising to many. Windows with fibreglass frames are also on the low-maintenance side but can be more expensive. Aluminium frames are inexpensive but are less energy efficient than other options.

Looking for windows in a period-style home? Again, this is a stylistic decision, but classic styles include those like double-hung windows with grilles that separate the windows into multiple planes. Fun fact: These are called “muntins.” A lot of period-style homes like Colonials and Craftsman’s take symmetry heavily into account. You can choose to move with this motion or get creative! Double glazed windows may even reduce your heat loss or gain by up to 80% and result in considerable energy bill savings.

Looking for windows in the most modern and minimalistic of homes? You’re among the masses, and for good reason. This is the fastest-growing trend in home styles requested, and it’s also the most flexible as far as the windows that you can choose from. We love styles like the Louvre window, which will offer elevated ventilation all throughout your home or business. Another big win if you prefer timber versus aluminium would be awning windows, which have a unique way of opening from the bottom. Both and many others work with all sorts of different building constructions.

This scratches the surface and we’d love to continue the conversation with you. Questions? Comments? Let the team at Australian Heritage Homes know. We’d love to hear from you and help with any information that you need.