The Benefit of Shuttered WindowsWindows are fragile barriers between our indoor space and the outside that allow light and fresh air pass through. To keep them in good condition and not compromise the privacy and security we need, shutters can be a great addition to any window.

Shutters may seem like an old-fashioned accessory for your windows, but they can still provide multiple benefits. Window shutters are a simple way of protecting your windows whenever needed while also adding another design element to your home.

A Brief History of Shuttered Windows

Shutters were first used for protection and security as an affordable alternative to glass windows. Glass was expensive, and shutters served as the only protection from the elements. At first, the predominant style was to use solid panels. Later, louvered shutters gained popularity for their delicate look and their efficiency in helping to ventilate a space.

Shutter Styles

Since their beginning in history, shutters have gone through different architectural styles and adapted to the local culture, climate, and artistry. Today we have plenty of models to choose from, and homeowners have the freedom to design their houses however they like.

Here are some of the most popular shutter styles:

  1. Full-height shutters: These elegant shutters cover the entire height of the windows. They can be installed on the inside or the outside.
  2. Cafe-style shutters: These only cover the bottom half of the windows and offer privacy for street-level rooms while letting light in through the uncovered top.
  3. Solid panels window shutters: Common in colder climates, these shutters are excellent for energy saving and total privacy. They are the best fit for sustainable house design.
  4. Bay window shutters: If you love bay windows, you can fit custom shutters to provide security and privacy to the room.
  5. Roller metal shutters: Practical and extremely durable, metal roller shutters can be motorised and customised. Aluminium windows go well with this type of shutter.

4 Benefits of Having Shuttered Windows

If you are not yet convinced if you want to add shutters to your windows, here are the main benefits of installing them.

Added Insulation

Shutters provide shade indoors during hot summer days, blocking a large part of the light. They protect your belongings from UV light and discolouration and prevent the cold air from entering your home on windy or stormy days.

Privacy and Security

If you are worried about prying eyes or potential intruders, shutters are a great way of preventing outsiders from looking into your home.

Extreme Weather Protection

Windows can rattle or even break during violent storms. Shutters are the first line of defence against extreme weather, saving you potential expenses on window repairs and replacements.


Insects can carry diseases and trigger allergies if they roam free inside our homes. Shutters can help you keep them and other pests out.

If you are interested in adding shutters to your windows or doors, Melbourne’s top boutique home builders are here to help. Contact Australian Heritage Homes for more information and get a no-obligation quote on your home building or renovation project today!