Adding Farmhouse Touches to Any HomeIt’s no secret that the farmhouse style has become more and more stylish over the past number of years, especially when it’s amplified on television shows that bolster its appeal as both contemporary and classic. The Australian Heritage Homes team isn’t suggesting that you move directly into an actual farmhouse, rather you can take style directives from many of the homes that we see and update them in a way that makes them both beautiful and comfortable for your household.

If you were to think of a couple of different adjectives when it comes to farm life, you’re probably not thinking about stylish as one of them. In fact, you’re probably thinking about ensuring things are as simple as possible, as durable as possible and as practical as possible. Well, as the AHH team has seen with many of the projects that we’ve worked on, you don’t have to settle for one out of three, or even two out of three. You can have all of those while still looking around and admiring the work that you and your contractor have brought to life.

Granted, we know that each of our customers has completely different aesthetics. And this won’t work for everyone. If you like bold pops of colour, lots of finishes, big comfortable pieces of furniture and lots of plants – we’re still here for you, but the farmhouse touches that we’re about to cover may not apply. Soothing combinations of colour, rustic materials, natural elements, and texture emphasis… these should be the words calling to you here. In that spirit, let’s begin:

  • Dimension is key. This goes back to the textures shoutout that we shared above, and it doesn’t need to mean that you’re completely decimating your home or even a room. In fact, if you take advantage of materials like shiplap, you can redo a wall or two and completely change the vibe of the room.
  • Neutral paint colours. We’ve noticed that many of the most prolific houses in this style also continue their colour palette throughout the home, ensuring consistency and contributing to the calm nature of the mood of the home. Listen, it doesn’t need to be white. But we have seen many of the most popular homes in this style with walls that are softer colours like grey, cream, or beige.
  • Look at the old and look at the new. The farmhouse style doesn’t have to be one or the other. That’s why we love mixing textures, and we certainly love mixing elements. You might want to invest in a brand-new vase for the flowers that you just picked up or you might want to dig in the pantry for that jug that previously housed milk at breakfasts for the family. It breaks up the aesthetic, it’s exciting and it’s a great way to start a conversation with anyone who is visiting your home.

Starting with these and exploring sites like Pinterest can help you bring an entirely different farmhouse dimension to your home.