5 Unique Materials to Consider for Custom Home ExteriorsThe façade of your home is one of the most important and eye-catching elements of your home, as it will often be the first thing to appear to visitors and passers-by alike. As such, choosing the right material that best showcases your personal design philosophy can be very important, especially when it comes to custom home design. This is because most homeowners opt to design and build custom homes for the very purpose of helping their homes stand out from the crowd.

In this post, we take a closer look at 5 unique materials you can consider for the exterior of your custom home.

1. Wood

Wood is a timeless classic when it comes to building materials, and it is especially suited for the exterior of a home. Homes with timber-based exteriors often have a rustic charm and appeal to them and can evoke ideas of natural beauty. When it comes to wood, you will also have countless different options to choose from, including cedar, redwood, reclaimed wood and much more, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your tastes and preferences.

2. Metal

For a more modern or industrial-looking home, metal is the way to go. A metal-framed home exterior can look very sleek and modern or give off an industrial flair, and it all boils down simply to the type of metal you use. With a properly installed metal home exterior, you also won’t need to worry about things such as termites or weather damage, given the immense durability of the material.

3. Glass

If you want your home to stand out in your neighbourhood, using glass for its exterior can definitely help you do that. Of course, glass alone won’t be strong enough to be used for the entirety of your home’s exterior, but you can still cover a significant portion of your home’s exterior with glass facades, glass curtain walls and glass blocks. Furthermore, glass also brings with it the additional benefits of natural light and enhanced energy efficiency for your home, making it a great choice of material for your home’s exterior.

4. Stone

Stone can come in many different varieties, including limestone, granite and slate. All of these stone varieties can be used for the exterior of your custom home, with all of them adding a touch of elegance and timeless appeal to your home. Stone is also widely available and highly durable, meaning that you won’t need to spend much on repairs in the long term. The insulating properties of stone also mean that your home will be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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