Your Role in Designing Your Custom Home

Your Role in Designing Your Custom HomeThere is a common misconception that as a homeowner you have a very limited role in the evolution of your dream home. Sure, you can tell experts what to do and hope that they execute your vision properly. You can hope and dream and worry and have every emotion possible, while putting one of the most important investments of your life in the hands of strangers. These aren’t great scenarios at all. They’re scenarios that make the mission of the Australian Heritage Homes team to never let you feel this way.

We know that far too many prospective customers get cold feet when they’re daunted by the mystery of the road ahead. Australian Heritage Homes team is the right choice for you because we’re a family business with family values like respect and commitment. While we have dozens of resources and solutions for our customer base, one of the most important is information-sharing. Hence, this blog! Return again and again for a true goldmine of entertaining and informative articles, putting you in the creative and logistical driver’s seat for your next project.

The articles that you’ll find here run the gamut, including industry news, tips and tricks for DIY projects, and spotlights on the services that we offer at Australian Heritage Homes. It’s the perfect soapbox for today’s topic… you.

We’ve promoted the importance of our relationships with our customers on the blog before, but today’s goal is to reiterate just how integrated into the process you can be.

The answer is simple – As integrated as you want! If you’re someone who wants to know the name of every tool, a run of show for the day’s tasks and a progress report at the end of each day, this is no problem for us. As you can imagine, we’re pretty passionate about what we do; there’s nothing we love more than talking about it!

We can equally respect those on the other end of the spectrum. If you don’t want to be bothered at all, you just want us to stay on timeline and tip your hat at the door when the work is done, we will oblige! We’re confident in our abilities to complete jobs of all shapes and sizes, and know that you’ll be pleased with the result.

Pardon the construction pun, but you can wear as many hats as you want in the planning process. We want you in initial conversations, so that we truly understand your vision. We’d love to kick off the work with you and have you onsite (in appropriate worksite attire and protection of course). And most importantly, we want to celebrate with you, when everything is done, knowing that you’ve added curb appeal and property value, thanks to the work that the Australian Heritage Homes team can help with.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. The team here at AHH would love to hear from you.