Working with Sloped Lots on Your Dream Home

Working with Sloped Lots on Your Dream HomeThere is something so magical about building on a sloped lot. Many prospective buyers pick their future properties based on a hill or a valley that appeals to them. The Australian Heritage Homes team has been on a field trip or two where the nervous customers trek up the hill with trepidation about what they’ll find. There are fewer things more satisfying than watching the smile that emerges on their faces as they think through the view that they’ll get to enjoy each and every day.

As you can tell, we work with every sort of customer, on every sort of lot. Often, those that elicit the greatest rewards may be the toughest to navigate. While such lots fall into multiple different varieties, we are focusing on sloped lots today. Here’s what you need to know:

Learn the term “retaining wall”. Retaining walls are one of those things that you probably see every day on properties around you. They’re a great way to level off different altitudes on the property intentionally. You can create everything from a new landscaping scheme to completely separate outdoor entertaining areas. Building a home from scratch, you can also create new levels of a home, maximizing space and building into the slope of the lot.

Have an opinion or work with experts to discern the optimal direction that your home should face, so that you reap all the benefits of a sloped lot, and avoid most of the challenges. In many cases, if you’re seeking a home with a view, so too are the neighbours around you. Working with the AHH team, you’ll have insight into the direction that their homes are facing, where their homes may block important views of yours and other opportunities for change.

Think through driveways and car storage. Many of our customers love the idea of a sloping driveway leading up to the home – a great, last part of the journey before you arrive home. Driveways take time and space, but the trade-off is that your car or means of transportation is right there next to your home when you return or depart. Designers also can have a lot of fun designing a driveway, a path, a garage or similar space, dependent on your aesthetic and requests for the architectural style of your home. Just something to keep in mind.

And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss some of the logistics associated with building on a slope. Unfortunately, it does mean an extended timeline and most likely a heavily expanded budget. Like we said, it will be worth it, but patience will be an important virtue. When you build into a slope, there are often additional questions from and conversations with council groups, just to ensure that you’re in-line with environmental regulation and that of your neighbourhood around you.

Inspired and wanting to move forward with design and construction of your dream home? Give the AHH team a call. We’d love to connect.