Why The Word Home Means So Much

Why The Word Home Means So MuchHome. House. Casa. Abode. Digs. All synonyms for the place where you kick off your shoes after a long day, put your feet up and exhale. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it by yourself or with a clan of twenty, it’s home. Home is a very symbolic word, regardless of your heritage or culture. Across the modern western hemisphere, the word “home” is perceived in hundreds of different ways, keeping in mind different factors of both choice and your economy.

Think about the number of movies you’ve seen with the quintessential 1960s family, a dog yapping around their feet, a white picket fence around the perimeter of their dream home. This has definitely fed an expectation that the norm is that you grow up, get a mortgage, buy a home and dutifully jump through every financial hoop that is laid before you. At least that’s what Patrick Devine-Wright, who is a professor in human geography at the University of Exeter has found. And it makes sense. Because in jumping through these financial hoops, you’ve secured something that is yours and doesn’t belong to anyone else. Home is already a tie to something that you’re responsible for, that you’ve worked so hard for.

Why else is the term home so important? It’s most likely the second or third question you ask somebody after you meet them- “so, where is home for you?” We ask our new acquaintances this, not to put a mental pushpin on our map of friends, but because in asking where somebody calls home, you open up a whole conversation around their heritage, their roots, what’s important to them, where the people that are most important to them reside.

Home is where is the heart is,” is a much more meaningful quote than many anticipate. “Home is wherever I’m with you,” is another meaningful quote. It just goes to show that home isn’t always a physical mindset, it’s a comfort mindset. It means that you’re surrounded by everything that’s meaningful to you. Home can be multiple different places. When you go to visit parents, you may be going home. When you begin your evening commute, you’re probably headed home. Lucky are you, the more places you feel comfortable calling home.

Here at Australian Heritage Homes, we want to help define what home means to you. If this means residing in a particular neighborhood, adjacent to a great school, nearby to friends, or to geographical beauty—regardless of your thought process, our team is right behind you. We want to bring your dream house to life, so that you can truly look around and declare, “I’m home.”