How Windows Make a Difference to Your Dream Home

timber fixed windows valley windowsLet’s think about the very first thing that you see, whenever you see a dream home. You probably see the gate and hope that it’s in good shape to help secure the comfort and safety of your home and loved ones. You probably notice the landscaping (whether good or bad). Hopefully it’s good! Either way, it draws your eye. What comes next? The windows, doors and exterior. Today’s post focuses on the windows and we’re partnering with one of the best in the business with the team at Valley Windows. Valley Windows is dedicated to bringing its community of customers a better view through the best aluminium and timber windows and doors and that’s why we knew that they’d be the ultimate authority when discussing how windows make a difference to your dream home. Here is the tip of the iceberg as far as exactly why:

Curb appeal

You’ve heard us talk about it before on the AHH team blog, but it’s a point that we can’t hammer home enough. If you have truly innovative and beautiful windows, those aforementioned passers-by’s will be immediately impressed. The same is true should you decide that it’s time to sell your current home and make the next step with your family or loved ones. Don’t be worried about assuming that giant, beautiful windows offer too much visibility into your home – we’ve got shades and blinds for that! Windows like those offered by Valley Windows are a great calling card to showcase the quality of the work that they’ll find inside the home when they visit.


Curb appeal and value go hand-in-hand should you decide to sell. When you make smart investments like upgrading your windows, you’re making easy money in the long term because future prospective buyers will be impressed that you’ve upgraded your home to this scale. They’ll be excited that they see the home rise in value and thank you for it. Experts have pointed to quality windows as one of the best drivers of value increase of homes; this is partially because of the evolution of materials available, but also because of the architects and designers that are dreaming up styles of window which provide more benefits inside than you can even imagine.


Sounds obvious, right? Obviously, if you’re adding premium windows to your home, light should be a benefit. But we underestimate the benefits of natural light. There are benefits to your home – it opens up the space for one, but there are also benefits for you. When you have maximized natural light in your home, you’re improving your mood, maximizing your creativity and maybe even driving future interior design ideas and changes.

Whatever your reason, the Valley Windows team has the solution for you. Be sure to reach out to the Australian Heritage Homes team to answer questions about your next dream home and check out the Valley Windows site for answers to all of your questions about dream windows and doors.