White Rooms Done Right

The Americans may have just celebrated the last day to wear white in proper etiquette, but a white room done right is in style all year long. Today’s post taps into our love of all general things home renovation. When we find trends, tips and tricks around the industry, we love to share them with you. There is no secrecy at Australia Heritage Homes, all transparency. Interesting articles and updates inspire us and we hope that they inspire you as home builders as well. We pride ourselves on expertise about all types of inclusions and home styles. We will always work with you to find what works best for you.

White Rooms Done RightDo all white rooms make sense for you? They can be tricky—lots of upkeep and maintenance, and very few activities allowed in said rooms. But when they’re done right, they’re alluring, they’re clean, they’re sophisticated and sleek. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Find consistency. Just because all of the elements in the room are the same color, does not mean they’ll look uniform. You may have an off-white sofa, and a stark white rug. You may have rustic décor but metallic curtains. These elements won’t contribute to the aforementioned positive characteristics- instead, they can make the room look downright tacky. So even though you’ve already picked a uniform color, make sure that you find other elements that tell the same story as well. This can be a theme, or wood sheens, or the same material interwoven in all of the textiles.

Cozy is the name of the game. White can feel cold. It can remind family and friends of snow and freezing temperatures. We don’t think that is what you’re trying to convey, especially with the time and effort that you’re putting into this project. So think cozy. Look for textiles and materials that will add some warmth. This can be a shag rug, or flowing curtains. Textures like this make the space more inviting.

You can still pick a focal point. If you’ve done the above step correctly, then the room will feel calm and comfortable. But you’re still allowed to have a little bit of fun. Integrating one or two eye popping pieces into the design of the room stop it from being at all dull. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard.

Keep your audience in mind. If you have four children under five years old, an all-white room may not be in the books for a while. We firmly believe that memories are created in beautiful rooms. You might create a different sort of memory if you’re holding spaghetti feeds in your all-white room. If white is still a color that you’d like to incorporate into your design, you can definitely do so on a smaller scale. Create a white wall with different prints and multimedia pieces of art, all with a white theme. This can still convey the soft, cozy feel that an all-white room would.