What to Do With Your Attic

What to Do With Your AtticWell, it’s certainly not going anywhere, is it? We’re talking about your attic or the uppermost part of your home. You may have a single storey home or one that’s five levels tall – regardless, the “attic” (be as it may) has long since had a history. For some reason, it’s the protagonist location in lots of scary movies. For other reasons, it easily becomes the place where you can shove your older belongings or ones that you (or visitors) don’t want to see. There’s nothing wrong with either of these purposes (actually, some of us think that there is something wrong with the first one, but that’s a story for another time), but it’s also completely available real estate with which you can accomplish many other missions. The Australian Heritage Homes team is passionate about every centimetre of your home, current or future, and we want to ensure that you leverage it properly. Read on for more information.

First of all, it’s time to clean it up. You may be whinging about how small it is and why it SHOULD be treated as a storage closet. Would you clean out your storage closet? We’ll get there in a minute. Bottom line, when you leave any space dirty or dingy, you’re going to have to clean it up sooner or later (think- when you sell your home), and in the meantime, things like allergens will accumulate having actual health issues caused for the inhabitants of the home.

Many look at cleaning as more cumbersome than it needs to be. In fact, if you’re ahead of the game and think about the way that you lay out your storage spaces, the cleaning processes get a lot quicker. The trick is to not throw things up in the attic without a strategy, because that only creates more work for you further down the line. Add cleaning your attic to your bi-annual list (we’ve talked about these… the different checklists that you have on different cadences, to keep you on track). You don’t need to clean your attic more frequently like that unless you’re digging for something that you’ve been missing for a while.

Our other thought deals more with the title of this blog post – what can you DO with your attic? Well, it certainly doesn’t just need to be for storage. When polled, some of the experts we know had many different ideas to be creative and innovative. You can think of this as an exercise space, a studio for a passion that you may tackle in your free time, a play space for younger household members or even a movie studio or living room.

Often, homeowners are deterred because of the perception that attics are old and ugly. When you work with companies like the Australian Heritage Homes team, we can completely change your minds and turn this space into one where you or your whole family will want to spend as much time as possible.