Weatherproofing Around the Clock This Year

Weatherproofing Around the Clock This YearUsually, you would assume that the title of this post referred to weatherproofing around the globe or perhaps throughout the year. Both are valued topics, and indeed ones that we’ve covered on the Australian Heritage Homes blog. Too often we hear from customers who only rely on the two previous issues. Once they have the weatherproofing for their home in place, with their specific location and the season in mind, our customers feel as if their job is complete.

Well, our AHH friends – unfortunately, that’s not the case. You knew that your home was an investment when you moved in. You knew that there would be costs associated with utilities and maintenance and enhancements and upgrades and all of the fun. Don’t get us wrong – some of these do only take place on a seasonal basis or are contingent on where you live, but today’s post focuses on the smaller recommendations and chores that you should keep in the back of your mind on a much more regular basis. We figured that the timing was optimal; heading into the holidays, we’re here to ensure that your home is one less thing for you to worry about.

Weatherproofing First Thing in the Morning:

Granted, all of these will be dependent on how intense the heat or the chill is in your area, but there are still a few different steps that you should take when you wake up. Technology is on your side. Watch the news or check an application on your home to see what sort of weather you’re getting into for the day. If you have a thermostat or a thermometer inside your home, you should ensure that you regulate the temperature for the day. It really shouldn’t be below 60 or higher than 72, but of course – everyone has different body temperatures. If you’re typically someone who sleeps with the windows open, and you see that the weather may mean that moisture could infiltrate, close those windows nice and early.

Weatherproofing Throughout the Day:

Humidifiers and de-humidifiers are both amazing tools that can regulate exactly how much moisture gets into the air in your home. They both also have benefits for your health, depending on the time of year, so they’re worth looking into. Some of our favourite homes that we’ve seen and worked on are period homes, and while they’re absolutely beautiful, the air circulation isn’t always the best.

Weatherproofing at Night:

A lot of this is related to safety. You want to ensure that all doors and windows are safely closed or monitored, not only so that prowlers can’t break into, but also so that you have total control over the wind or rain that may surprise you during the night. If you’re a fan of fires, ensure that they’re adequately put out by pouring water over them and stomping out all of the cinders.

Questions? Let the team at AHH know. We want to make your home the safest, most comfortable, and happiest that we possibly can.