Ways to Cool Down your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Ways to Cool Down your Bedroom for Better SleepDon’t you hate lying in bed, sticky with sweat? There are few things more uncomfortable than trying to sleep in a hot room. Most people can’t catch more than a few hours of sleep if it’s too hot. To preserve your sanity, invest in ways to keep your bedroom cool and comfortable for rest.

Insulate your Home

Although people tend to think of insulation as something to keep the cold out, it works both ways. Insulation also keeps the air-conditioned air inside. If your home has a central cooling system or AC, insulation will help to prevent that cold air from leaching out into the hot outdoors. Insulating your walls is an efficient way to keep your home a comfortable temperature. You can also try other insulating tactics, like putting a barrier under the doors outside, so that the cold doesn’t seep out.

Orient your Bedroom

If you have a chance to determine where your bedroom is located, consider orienting it to the heat flows during the day. In the morning, the sun rises in the east. Therefore, eastern rooms will get the cooler morning sun. West-facing bedrooms, in contrast, often get the most sun during the heat of the day. The sunlight pouring through the windows in the late afternoon can quickly bring up the temperature of the room. Consider choosing a room location that is warmer in the morning and cooler in the night when you’re trying to sleep.

Invest in Cooling

A central cooling system can keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature (especially if you’ve invested in insulation and room location). Air conditioning is the easiest way to stay cool, but it also sometimes leads to an expensive electric bill. Other less effective but cheaper options include ceiling fans and window fans. These are usually not enough to stay comfortable during the hot Australian summer, but they may be enough during the colder months.

Add Light Blocking Curtains

If your home doesn’t allow for a bedroom location that minimizes late afternoon sun, dark, light blocking curtains may be a solution. Designed to keep the sun out, they keep your bedroom from baking. The heat is trapped between the curtain and the window.  Basically, light blocking curtains are insulation for your windows. If they don’t suit your style, you can always put stylish curtains on the outside and the light blocking curtains nearer to the window. Just move them out of the way when you want sunlight and warmth.

Choose the Right Bed

Although you may have heard of using electric blankets to stay warm, there is also bed technology to keep you cool. Once you have a mattress that suits your sleeping style, you can add a cooling mattress topper or cooling pillows. These items wick away the heat from your body, allowing it to cool as you lie in bed. Breathable bed sheets, like cotton, are also vital to staying cool in bed.

If you’re sharing a bed with a partner, take a look at the materials in your mattress. Mattresses that are sold as ideal for couples often contain lots of memory foam, which is great for isolating motion but can retain much more heat than other materials.

Don’t spend another night tossing and turning in your hot bed. Invest in your sleep and health by cooling down your bedroom at night.

Author Bio: Myra Campbell is a researcher for the sleep science and health organization Tuck.com. Her passion for art and design brought her into the field. She began by researching how to create a relaxing bedroom and learned that great design can help improve our health and well-being. Myra lives in southern California and shares her queen-sized bed with two rescue dogs.