When You’re Trying to be Low Maintenance with Your Landscaping

Low-Maintenance Landscape IdeasWe know – that was a tantalizing title. When you think about the best ways to turn your house into a home, all you can see is dollar signs, right? You put off dozens and dozens of home renovation projects – be they fun or functional – because you are already pre-emptively stressed about how much time and money that they’ll take. Now, we all know that the Australian Heritage Homes team is dedicated to sharing every possible ounce of information that we learn – be it interior design, construction or today… landscaping! So, let’s combine all of our loves: caring for our community of customers, sharing information and saving money in today’s post. Read on for more information about the best ways to be low maintenance with your yard!

Now, don’t be scared – but artificial grass can be a great workout for fancy landscaping schemes, especially if you have busy days. Just listen to Gena Lorainne – an expert at Fantastic Services:  “Artificial grass is easy to maintain, as no lawn mowing, watering, or fertilizing will be necessary, unlike with real grass. On top of that, you can still have that touch of greenery in your outdoor space for a really long period of time.” Artificial grass requires such minimal care. The only chore here is hosing it off from time to time. If you find that you like artificial grass, you can explore plants of the same variety!

Here’s a fun one… have you ever thought about filling your flowerbeds with mulch? It’s a double-feature in the landscaping world, because it keeps weeds away AND gives your landscaping a fresh look. Bonus points if you look into rubber mulch, because it’s even lower maintenance and more cost-effective. It will last for years, with one less chore for you to keep in mind. Best of all? You’re limiting your carbon footprint, because it’s so good for the environment. The only minus here is that rubber mulch won’t necessarily provide nutritional value to the plants around it. Always check with an expert, based on the other flowers and shrubs that you’re passionate about.

Does River Rock sound like an unfamiliar term? It won’t for long if the landscaping industry has any say about it. We talked about mulch, but this is another alternative to organic mulch. We’ve seen huge popularity with those that love sleek and clean looks to their landscaping. GreenPal is another group, that are experts in designing beautiful landscapes and putting money back in your pocket. The co-founder says, “Adding river rock is a one-time upfront investment and adds beauty to your lawn and landscape. The cool thing is that it never has to be re-dressed or redone next season.”

We’re not even going to question it – we know that your interests are piqued. The team at AHH will always be your partners in crime and we can’t wait to hear your comments and questions. Phone? Email? Doesn’t matter. We’re here for you!