Top Interior Designers

Top Interior DesignersThe Australian Heritage Homes team prides itself on working with the best of the best. That should be no secret if you’re looking at the work that we pull together. It doesn’t come easily. It’s meant experience, grit, lessons learned and a lot of mistakes. We’re lucky to be able to easily access information and opportunities to improve on the World Wide Web. This means a lot of different things and helps to drive a lot of the content on this blog – our baby. We stood up this blog because we were so excited about our passion and the information that became easily accessible so quickly.

We try to be as dynamic as possible with our storytelling on this blog. It helps spark our creativity and definitely drives our workplace conversations. As we see work that’s really prolific or outside-of-the-box, we want our valued base of customers to be aware of this. Obviously, that’s driven by other visionaries and that’s our focus today. The great work out there is driven by great people. We’re kicking off a series profiling them and how they made it to where they are today. As you know, we’re a community of construction experts, landscapers, interior designers and more. Today… we’re starting with the inside. Meet several interior designers who are changing the game and shaping the way that your homes are decorated in 2019 and beyond:

First up is Kelly Wearstler. Kelly has been hailed by publications around the world, including The New York Times. In fact, they shared their opinion pretty candidly – “the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design,” so obviously she’s a key player in the United States and beyond. Her work is colourful, and unique and celebrated by celebrities around the globe.

Jean-Louis Deniot is no slouch either. He’s been in magazines everywhere, even ELLE Décor. Other accolades include making it on the Architectural Digest 100 Best Interior Designers in the world list – no big deal. He’s similar to Wearstler, and many of the other interior designers that we respect, in that he has fun with his work. It shows and benefits him. He’s famous for being spontaneous and adventurous, as well as integrating history as appropriate.

There’s a fine balance between luxury and creativity and no one knows that better than David Collins of the David Collins Studio. There is a common thread here, as far as imagination goes, and he’s no stranger to that. He’s worked in most countries around the world, and though he’s passed on, his legacy remains. In fact, the studio that he started is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. When fans are asked, we know that they share that his team and his work has helped to reshape the way that people live in different environments.

It’s a lot to take in, we know. And there are many more experts – not just in interior design – but the other multiple areas of expertise that build a dream home. We’ll continue to dive in to them, so check back in on the Australian Heritage Homes blog.