The Importance of Doing it Right- Part 1

The Importance of Doing it Right- Part 1The Australian Heritage Homes team believes in doing the work well and doing the work right. That’s the way that we’ve felt since the inception of our company and how we’ll continue to feel for generations to come. We know that it goes far beyond the materials that we use and the customer service that we want to offer; it’s all about how everything comes together. We’re seeing more and more stories on the internet and hearing conversations across the industry where examples have cut corners. We want to not only ensure that you never experience work like this, but also that you’re well aware in advance of the warning signs. That’s why we’re kicking off a new series highlighting both the successes and opportunities that we’re noticing in the news. Read on for more details.

The first is a sad example. You may be familiar with Fixer Upper, a show on HGTV, which stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. If you’re not familiar, the premise is that the two, with their family and a team of friends, help prospective homeowners pick a property, update its design and then reveal it as a surprise. It’s amassed a cult-like following the past couple of years, but recently the two have had to deal with a lead-paint issue. The Environmental Protection Agency is now charging $40,000 to the couple because they used lead-based paint in some of the properties that they worked on. This violated the Toxic Substances Control Act and well as the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. According to the article originally referenced on CNN, the EPA rules were first put in place regarding homes built before 1978.

“It’s important that consumers and contractors understand that improper home renovation can expose residents and workers to hazardous lead dust,” says  of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Assistant Administrator Susan Bodine in a public media release. “Through this settlement, Magnolia is putting in place safeguards to ensure the safety of its renovation work and making meaningful contributions toward the protection of children and vulnerable communities from exposure to lead-based paint.”

There are many big takeaways here, but the most prominent is a necessary knowledge to the materials that your contractor is using. If you’re working with a company like the Australian Heritage Homes team, you’re already set up for success. We know that it’s paramount to sync with our customers early and often, letting you know the answers to all of the questions that you have. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, we’re dedicated towards getting you the information that you need. We let you decide how you want to be communicated to – what forums, what platforms, what cadence and at what speed. Turning your vision into your next dream home, and doing it right, is the priority for the Australian Heritage Homes team.

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