The Takeover of Custom Home Builds

The Takeover of Custom Home BuildsNo doubt about it, custom home builds are here and they’re here to stay. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter houses built to specifications, (the song Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds comes to mind) and instead homeowners and potential homeowners see the opportunity to get creative. Custom home builds are the root of the passion that the Australian Heritage Homes team has around building places where you can create generations of memories with those that mean the most to you.

For those unfamiliar, a custom home build gives the homeowner free reign to help design the home. This can be everything from architectural style to the fixtures inside the structure. These have been increasingly popular over the past few decades, beginning in the 1980s. Yes, prior, there was an influx of cookie-cutter style homes in the 1960s and 1970s because they were less-expensive and faster to build, but they stifled creativity and frequently wouldn’t meet the needs of the homeowner.

There are so many benefits to custom home builds. The first is that you’re guaranteed higher quality. Those that built and continue to build homes to spec are aiming to turn the fastest product, which sometimes means that corners are cut. The materials that they use are also of a lower grade. Rayburn 1 General Contractors says that, “when you’re building a custom home, the homeowner gets to pick everything. You’ll have the ability to buy a much better HVAC system, the right doors, the right windows, insulation and the right roofing. All of these things add up to higher energy efficiency.” Other examples of things that you’ll get to give input on include flooring and high-grade trim. But don’t just focus on the functional, you also get the first and final word on everything aesthetic.

So, choice is one reason to pick a custom home build, but control can be equally important. A custom home build is the only way to ensure that you get exactly what you want. You get to peruse the abundance of resources available to you, in-person, online and in your environment. You get to merge all of your channels of inspiration into one dream house.

This list isn’t all encompassing of the many reasons that you should choose a custom home build, but we can’t finish this post without calling out that they’re a really great investment with high return. If you’ve chosen the right builder, your home may be built at a flat rate versus on a percentage structure. When the time comes that you have to sell, your property will have accumulated exponential value compared to the original purchase price. A general rule of thumb is that the value increase should be 20 – 25%.

We hope that these reasons give you the incentive to reach out to the Australian Heritage Homes team. We’re available by phone, we’re available by email and we’re always happy to meet in person. We’re excited to discuss what your next home will look like and help bring that vision to life.