The Role of Bridges in Architecture

The Role of Bridges in ArchitectureWe’re sure that you’ve seen a movie or two where there was an epic scene on a bridge – of a castle, a home, between two islands, or even high above a city. We write off bridges as only functional now, but the truth is – they’re not going anywhere, and they’re great examples of amazing architecture.

The team at Australian Heritage Homes has and will always be huge proponents of every unique aspect of architecture. We don’t build cookie-cutter style homes, where every single house on the street looks exactly the same. Our calling card, and the reason that our customers continue to return to us, is our commitment to ensuring that the place where you hang your coat at the end of the day is as special as you. So, we’re making a decision moving forward to think through the different building elements through the ages. Whether they’ve stayed or not, they continue to inform really special ways that we can design and construct your dream home. Read on for more information.

At the base level, the bridge connects two structures. You probably envision them between different parts of castles, which was totally strategic, as kingdoms and countries had an extra layer of a strategy being able to keep their lands safe. Sometimes these bridges didn’t even connect over water or at high heights but served as a barrier regardless.

Here’s a funny story – they sort of came into fruition by accident. The first bridges were designed using fallen trees or even larger stones. The Neolithic people were the very first documented people in history who built a boardwalk bridge across a large marshland. As with many of the most prolific architectural landmarks, the Greeks were responsible for one of the oldest documented arch bridges (seen all around the world today) – the Akadiko Bridge. In fact, it’s still there and in use, if you plan to make an architecturally-driven trip after the pandemic comes to a halt. The English, on the other hand, get the credit for the original namesake of the bridge – coining the term “brycg” which meant the same thing.

Today, there are a number of famous bridges, and none of them can be found at your homestead. They include:

  • The Great Belt Bridge in Denmark
  • Chapel Bridge in Switzerland
  • Chengyang Bridge in China
  • Brooklyn Bridge in New York
  • Alcantara Bridge in Spain, and
  • Sydney Harbor Bridge – right here at home

All are beautiful for their own reasons. In fact, you can learn more information about them at this link here. We’re sharing these bridges and their history as inspiration for the creativity that you can have when you design your home. Too often, our customers feel boxed in by the size of their home, or their budget. That’s why you should work with the Australian Heritage Homes team, as we love to get creative while keeping your vision and your budget in mind.

Questions? Reach out. We’re always here for you.