Preparing Your Yard for Fall

Preparing Your Yard for FallWe’re sure it comes as no secret that it has been one hot summer for us Australians. We saw record-breaking temperatures. And while we enjoyed it for a while, we’re ready for the colder weather ahead. Here at Australia Heritage Homes, we consider ourselves a one-stop shop for all things home renovation, interior design and landscaping. We want to help bring your vision of your dream home to life and we know that doesn’t stop with the four walls that surround your house. As we transition between seasons, one of your top priorities should be your yard. You’ve probably been giving it a little bit of extra attention, especially due to the heat. Your grass has dried out, your plants need much more water than usual, but luckily – good things are ahead. Read on for the AHH team’s recommendations on how to transition your yard for colder weather.

First things first, let’s assess the current state. You may have taken top-notch care of your garden all summer. If so, good for you! That might also not be the case. You may be looking at rather brown grass and dead plants. No shame either way, it’s a new season and you have a new opportunity to build out a beautiful garden. There’s good reason for it, after all. It can help your curb appeal skyrocket, which helps your home’s value if and when you decide to sell.

So, take a look at current state. And think through what has worked well this past season. Don’t overextend yourself. You can create a beautiful yard without overextending yourself. Know how much time you’ll be able to take care of your garden this fall. The worst thing you can do is put is in the time and money on the front end of the process and then not be able to enjoy your investment.

Next, it’s time to say goodbye to those seasonal summer plants. They had their hey-day, but chances are good that they don’t survive colder temperatures. This is something to think about as you plan a garden any season, because the easy trade-off is to stick with plants and flowers that will succeed all year long. Your local gardening store experts will be able to advise on this.

Remove those and then prime your grass for the fall. Plant mulch where needed so that your plants will have the nutrients that they need. A couple of other check-offs the to do list include:

  • Weed and deadhead faded blooms
  • Amend your soil
  • Dig up any non-hardy blooms that you’ll want to take advantage of for winter storage
  • Remove your spent annuals
  • Divide overgrown plants

Here’s a fun fact. Take a look at all of the ties in your yard. You’ll want to replace these with jute twine. This is because natural fibres make the best ties. They’re far more flexible, especially with hazardous weather conditions coming.

More to come on this topic. For now, get excited. We’ll finally get to cool off a bit.