Preparing Your Yard for its Best Year Yet – Part 1

AHH – Preparing Your Yard for its Best Year YetWelcome to the blog of the Australian Heritage Homes team! We’re so excited that you’ve stopped by and hope that that means you’re as passionate as we are about ensuring that every piece of your property is beautiful, safe, comfortable and affordable. Here at Australian Heritage Homes, we don’t believe that there are trade-off’s here. In fact, it’s the bare bones of our baseline checklist. If the work that we see or the materials and products that we use don’t meet each of those criteria, you better believe that we won’t be sharing any of the above with our valued base of customers.

If you’re newer to the blog, there’s a couple of things to know. The first? We don’t even see you as customers. We see you as friends and relationships that continue far after the work is done. The second ties in perfectly. We like to think its common courtesy to treat your friends with transparency, trust, and respect. As far as respect goes, what’s more respectful than imparting as much of the wisdom and experience that we glean… with YOU! (Hence the blog). Check back in on a regular basis to see what’s exciting us in the industry and beyond.

The term industry is broad and that brings us to today’s post. While our specialty is indeed building you your dream home, we believe that the term “home” refers to every centimeter of your property. And that, includes landscaping. With the New Year kicked off successfully, we’re giving your outside some love today with quick tips to follow in order to ensure that every passerby experiences the wow factor:

Clean Up

First up, it’s time to clean. We’re fortunate in that we’re gearing up for warm weather, while the Northern hemisphere has many months of cold ahead. What better time to clean up leaves and debris that have amassed over the holiday season? If you have a rake, that’s a good place to start, but if you’re looking for a real time efficiency, be sure to check out air blowers.


Now, you’ll want to prepare. There’s a specific cocktail here: pre-emergent, weed killer and fertilizer. The benefits are aplenty. You’ll be giving your grass the nutrients that it deserves, and presenting crabgrass, thanks to the herbicide. Wait six to eight weeks and then repeat the process. Ask experts at your local store about products that combine two or all of the above as there are many options available these days.


Mow, mow, mow. Unfortunately, as all great investments do, great gardens and landscaping take work. Just because you’ve taken the initial steps to prep your yard, doesn’t mean that the work is done. You’ll want to mow your grass now, you’ll want to mow next week, you’ll want to mow each and every week after that – at the very least. There’s no magic formula here, you know how quickly your grass grows, but don’t let it grow too long; it’s unhealthy for the grass and stressful for you.

Stay tuned for more tips about ensuring that your garden is the best on the block this 2019.