Preparing Your Home for the Holidays This Year

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays This YearIt’s hard to believe, but it’s almost the holiday season. If you take a look at many retailers and websites across different industries, it might seem like they’ve already been here for weeks. While that’s not technically the case, we can’t fault anyone for wanting to celebrate anything early. The AHH team takes pride in celebrating wins whenever possible, so we completely empathize. We’re lucky to do it often, given that our team is famously prolific in the space of building your dream home – thanks to decades of experience and an ongoing commitment to learn and grow. One of our favourite lessons to learn and grow upon is preparation. When we properly prepare for a job, we show up better, we communicate better, we execute faster and with greater efficiency. All of those add up to a better experience for you – our most valuable asset.

We obviously want to take care of our most valuable asset. And we know that the holidays can be one of the toughest times of the year, especially in a year where nothing has been certain or expected at all. There are many reasons that the holidays can be tough, and most go into them with a certain expectation that something will go wrong. We can’t necessarily promise that your meal won’t be overcooked or that there won’t be surprise guests from the other side of the family. But we can make a point every year of reminding you about the ways that you can prepare your home. Let’s just call it one less thing to worry about! Read on for more information in advance of the 2020 holidays:

  • This is something that should be done more regularly – quarterly if possible, but here’s a good reminder to check it off. Take 20 minutes to walk around the exterior perimeter of your home. Look for all of the key signs of any sort of damage, especially to your home’s foundation. Don’t worry, they’re simpler than you think. Cracks? Time to call us. Excess moisture or a soggy lawn? Definitely time to call us. Neither of which are necessarily major causes for concern, but if we find issues with the structure of your home earlier, it’s a much easier fix and we can point you in the direction of experts who will be happy to help.
  • Clean your gutters. Time to get out that ladder and climb on up. Even though the weather should (hopefully) be mild, you may have leaves up there from many months ago. These can cause stress on your gutters and sometimes even on your roof in places. Block out an afternoon and you’ll feel great validation in completing this task.
  • Power wash any patios, verandahs or decks. We’re guessing that anyone with outdoor spaces may likely use them for parties or get-togethers. You may have gotten used to faded wood, tiles or cement, but you’ll be pleased as holiday punch once they’re cleaned. Not sure how to get started? Here’s a good article to check out.

We’re looking forward to a great end of the year and hope that you are as well! Cheers from the AHH team.