Warrandyte South Treed Area Success Story

Warrandyte South Treed Area

It takes a lot of time and commitment to bring your dream home to life. We know that here at Australian Heritage Homes. Sometimes we sync with customers, have the initial conversations about bringing their dream homes to life and it takes them years to come back and determine exactly what decisions they want to make.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, we prefer it, because it means that you’re taking the time to make the right decisions for you and helping us ensure that we can support them, both with our internal resources and with the different partners we have in the industry.

In this case, the magic number was five. Five years, that is. And the land was, and is, beautiful.



Terrains and Site Conditions

The variable here was the number of trees, so we got to stretch out creative muscles, as there are many pieces here related to infrastructure, council regulations, and in general, ensuring that you can enjoy your home in a safe and successful way.


Budget & Inclusions List

As is the case with all our projects, budget and inclusion lists were the first thing that we needed to discuss right off the bat. We love the customers who – again, take their time – but come back with very definitive lists as to what they’re looking for.

Our Solution

There is a lot of value in taking the time with a slower design process, because we can ensure that all details can be checked off. One of the main ones here was a Bush Fire Assessment, and that is definitely something that needs to be done correctly.

Materials are something that we’re passionate about and love having conversations about when first thinking through your vision. In this case, the owners had a liking for true timber in and around the house. We’re talking the whole picture – windows, doors, decking and more.

We also love to give the community of customers that we work with the autonomy to make their own decisions and that’s exactly what took place here. The owners came up with their Own Design of an open-space, single-level building of 33 squares.

Rooms Included

  • Rumpus
  • Lounge
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • 4 bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a full walk-through robe and large ensuite,
  • plus, a Study.

We worked through a rendered Brick Veneer, black butt decking and an exposed rafter verandah around the house.

Design Features Included

  • Floor & wall tiling to all wet areas
  • Feature timber floor and carpets throughout the House
  • LED downlights
  • A full-service kitchen with soft closing drawers and doors
  • Feature high gloss woodwork throughout the entire home,
  • As well as feature tiled bases to showers.

There’s nothing more satisfying for the Australian Heritage Homes team than completing a home as beautiful as this one. But bonus points for the involvement that our customers had.

Sloped Lot Success in Warrandyte North

Sloped Lot, Treed Area, Warrandyte North


The Australian Heritage Homes team has decades of experience working on all sorts of properties, styles of homes and with the unique asks that you might not be able to take anywhere else – and this job was no exception!

We consider ourselves confident and prolific with the toughest styles of homes and types of properties and more often than not, when it comes to requests and intake forms, the word “sloped” is in there somehow.


Sloped Lot

Sloped lots can be tough to build on, no doubt about that, but they can also create the most beautiful family homes. They have benefits like the ability to create multiple levels where you thought you’d only be able to fit one, or work accordingly so that you can enjoy whatever beautiful panoramic view is just beyond the windows. Those that choose sloped lots generally have one of these types of visions.


Treed Area

As you can imagine from this build, the home that we’re detailing here was created on a built slope. We’re not talking about a blank piece of land. In fact, this was a knock down and rebuild job. Bonus points because not only was it a sloped lot, it was a treed area, which comes with its own set of challenges, such as knowing where the roots lie and what systems they might interfere with.

It’s your job to enjoy the prospect of what can be. It’s our job to a) be realistic about what’s possible and share it with you, but then hopefully b) bring it to life so that it’s even better than you may think.

Our Solution

Luckily the AHH team was up for the job. If you’ve frequented the site before, you know that treed areas are also our bread and butter. We value the preservation of any type of tree on your lot, as long as it aligns with your vision as a homeowner, so we really think about what trees need to be removed. We also need to think about light and coverage. We never want to block the opportunity of an abundance of fresh light in the morning and evening due to the trees, nor do we want to create an ecosystem that depends on and focuses on the trees, rather than the beautiful home where you and your household will spend your days.

As with any of our properties, it was paramount that we first discuss the scope of budget and the necessities in their eyes when it came to inclusions. We’re used to working with all sorts of personalities, but these homeowners were special and easy to work with, knowing exactly what they wanted right off of the bat.

We can work with any timeline, fast or slow, and these owners were just fine going at a speed where we were meticulous about the details. We had to check off a lot of details including a bush fire assessment and required works.

Incidentally the owner was a qualified electrical contractor and very passionate about his work. He focused on that part of the house and left a personal stamp that will be there for generations to come.

No surprises on either end, but the ultimate result was a beautiful double-story home of 30 squares. It includes a rumpus room, lounge, dining area, kitchen, four bedrooms and a master bedroom with a full walk-through robe and large ensuite plus a study – all of the spaces where you know that the best memories will be made. The materials – second or recycled bricks – also tell a special part of the story.

Other highlights include:

  • Upstairs balcony to enjoy the panoramic views of beautiful Warrandyte North
  • Featured floor and wall tiling to all wet areas
  • Shaving cabinets in each bathroom
  • Feature Timber Floor and carpets throughout the house
  • LED down lights
  • Soft closing drawers and doors in the kitchen (a great win for late night sneaky snackers)
  • Large alfresco and surround deckings feature a custom horizontal wire balustrading
  • Double car garage.
  • Feature high gloss woodwork throughout
  • Feature tiled bases to showers.
  • Fully enclosed Stained staircase
  • Square set cornice line throughout

All in a day’s work and always so satisfying when you see the owners enjoy the home as much as the team did working on it.

What the Clients Say

Thank you AHH for going the extra mile and building our dream home to our exacting standards. From design to completion Renay and his team were pleasant to work with and offered creative ideas throughout the project to give us a quality home that exceeded our expectations. Regards


Building on a Slope in Montmorency


The Australian Heritage Homes team loves to appreciate both the history and heritage of the land that we’re working on, and the innovation and vision that we partner with our customers on, to bring their dream home to life.

Many blocks of land, as is the case with this beautiful property in Montmorency, have older houses already on them. It’s not the houses that draw the prospective customers. It’s the idea that you can look at a piece of land and know exactly what sort of house you’re going to build.

In general, we’re happy to own the piece of the process that entails the demolition and removal of the previous home. In rare cases, prospective buyers and or current owners will want to keep certain pieces of the previous structure, or at least draw inspiration from it. The AHH team supports this as it drives really exciting conversations as we think about not just the construction of your future home, but also all of the inclusions inside.

In this case, the owners were way ahead of us and had already scheduled demolition of the existing home – seeking a completely different vision, which we were happy to support.

As you’ve probably seen with many of the homes on this site and articles within our blog, we then and throughout the process, generally have to interface with different council departments, to ensure that everything is up-to-code and on time for our customers. With this Montmorency property, as with all of our properties that we construct and support, we took an active role with the Town Planning Department in all necessary conversations to keep the project moving at an active speed and with everything that the owners were looking for.


Council Overlays

The land was subject to a number of ‘council overlays’ including landscaping and vegetation overlays. There are many different types of overlays and unlike zoning, which covers neighbourhoods or broader areas within your home is located, overlays are specific to your property and your property alone – frequently impacting the ability to either renovate your property or do an entire rebuild.


Severe Slope

In this case, the overlays were necessary for a good reason – this property has a beautiful view, but that’s thanks to a severe slope that needed to be taken into account. There were also many beautiful trees that needed to be addressed. Not to worry, we built a significant, structurally-designed feature retaining wall that lines both sides of the block.

Our Solution

In the end, we aligned on a 36-square design. Due to the slope mentioned, we chose a double-storey level home plus split-levels to the upper floor, keeping our ability to maintain a level ceiling.

When it came to style, we learned that the owners wanted to have an open alfresco area to the rear of the home along with an upper balcony that took in the views on the surrounding trees.

Other highlights include:

  • Feature timber staircase and steps to the split-level areas
  • Feature timber flooring and floor tiling throughout the home
  • Feature ensuite works
  • Large custom designed kitchen and separate walkthrough pantry
  • Imported tiles that line the walls of the wet areas
  • Large shower recess with tiled base

Especially given the beautiful landscaping that Mother Nature provided around the property, we also carried out pool works and managed these throughout construction.

The final result was a very detailed house, meeting all of the needs and wants of the home’s owners. We’re excited to learn about the memories that they create for decades to come in their dream home.

What the Clients Say

It was a great experience working with Renay and the team. It was important for us to partner with someone who would work with us throughout the process, helping us refine our ideas and realise the vision we had for the house. We’re thrilled with the result.


Period Home, Ringwood North

Ringwood North period heritage home


Here is a home with two construction challenges that turned out better than we could have ever anticipated. Thanks to extensive meetings and transparent communication, Dave and Carmen of Ringwood North were able to settle in their dream home.


Terrains and Site Conditions

Australian Heritage Homes runs into all sorts of terrains and site conditions. We’ve seen flat, hilly, rocky, sand, clay and split-level. If you can name it, we have built a property on it. We set out to become the industry expert on foundation solutions, which work well with the terrain on which our customers would like to build. Sometimes this is no problem. But sometimes weather, and sedimentary activities have wreaked havoc on our customers’ dream choice piece of land.


Foundation Issues

Sometimes the foundation issues aren’t even with the terrain. Frequently we see customers who are attached to certain existing elements of their homes, often integrated directly into the foundation. This is especially common with customers looking to keep an authentic period-style for their dream home. We see this as a special sort of challenge, and one that we take especially seriously. We are upholding the authenticity of the original architecture, while updating the property so that it’s as structurally sound as possible.

Our Solution

Ringwood North is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. It’s a very beautiful area with an abundance of landscaped parklands and reserves but it’s also a surprisingly hilly area. Dave and Carmen’s property is no exception, and their home had to be built on a very challenging block of land, due to a steep 3-meter vertical drop cross-block.

The cross-block was already retained with aged blue stone blocks, which were of special importance to the owners. The challenge at hand was integrating these existing stones into the home’s design. This would have been no problem had they been looking for a smaller home, but they wanted to integrate the stone blocks without sacrificing any of the possible land on which to build.

These stone blocks also introduced the aforementioned foundation challenges. Integrating the stone blocks into the home’s design meant that the home was split into two parts. Splitting the home into two parts meant bringing in custom long-spanning floor beams. We even constructed a temporary staircase in the rear part of the block for access during the construction process. In addition, there was a steep angle of repose with the existing foundation. In order to align with building codes and regulations in the area, the new house foundations needed to be separated.

So yes, there were a few challenges in the process. But our team loves a good challenge and relished the creative brainstorming process with Carmen and Dave.

The result was a beautifully designed home that brought Carmen and Dave’s vision to life, meeting all of their requirements with an economical construction.

Maximizing Property Value

The median house sale in Ringwood North is 1.1M. Yet, this particular home that we designed and constructed is on the market for well over asking price. It’s the perfect example of the pay-off that our work can contribute to the timeless value of any home that our team works on.

What the Clients Say

“Thanks for believing in us and our dream, and for making it happen. We have been continuously impressed with your professionalism and level of work. We appreciate your efforts, hard work and patience.”


A Dream Home in a Treed Area

North Warrandyte double storey steep site home

Project Description

Warrandyte is not a stranger to the Australian Heritage Homes team when it comes to areas in the region where we build or renovate your dream home. While we love exploring uncharted territory around here, it’s always satisfying and motivating when we come back to the same areas and only improve upon the creativity and craftsmanship of our projects to date.

This particular property followed a bit of a blueprint as far as new home construction goes. We were tasked by the owners to build a double storey home, albeit on a very steep site with lots of acreage. Bonus? It’s in a beautiful, rustic and… treed area.

Treed areas create a lot of their own specific challenges. There are few things better than dozens of beautiful trees on your property – providing shade, foliage throughout all seasons and just all-around beauty. That said, as with all of the really exciting wins on any of the plots of land we work on, there are both pros and cons. Not necessarily an issue here, but the Australian Heritage Homes team definitely took the trees into account (roots, spacing of trees, maintenance throughout the year) and built our ultimate design around that.

The owner had worked with previous builders. We appreciate the motivation of the competitors that we have in the area, we’re lucky to be surrounded by others who are very prolific in this space. But the Australian Heritage Homes team sets ourselves apart in ways that keep our current customers coming back and prospective ones knocking at our door with any questions that you might have.

In this case, we started with the budget. The AHH team is used to working with budgets of all ranges. We want to hear your vision, hear what you expect to spend and then see exactly what we can do to bring your vision to life. Our team took a close and comprehensive look at the inclusions that these owners wanted. And guess what… the price came in far under what they expected. You can imagine that made the owners very pleased and we kicked off building straight away.

The next steps on this property went by very quickly, finishing well within the proposed timeline, another proud moment for our teammates and an exciting one for the owners.

Here were some of the highlights:

  • 39 squares
  • Recycled or “second” bricks were used throughout, limiting the carbon footprint
  • The master bedroom has a full walkthrough robe and large ensuite
  • Upstairs balcony to enjoy the particularly beautiful surroundings
  • Featured Metal balustrading
  • Floor-to-ceiling tiling to all wet areas
  • Polished concrete and carpets throughout the house
  • LED downlights
  • Kitchen with soft-closing drawers and doors
  • Wood-burning heaters with fully enclosed solid recycled brick chimneys and hearths
  • Double car garage
  • Feature grooved panel, solid core doors, with a full high gloss finish
  • Feature tiled bases to showers
  • Fully enclosed stained stair case with steel balusters
  • Square Set Cornice line throughout

While we love completing any project, the scope of this one demonstrated well the breadth of skills that this team has when it comes to bringing your dream home’s vision to life.

Pakenham Home with Best-in-Class Views

Project Description

There’s something about an amazing view at a home. The Australian Heritage Homes team is always especially excited when we’re able to work on a lot or property with premium vistas, only making us feel more like we have the best jobs in the world.

The best views can serve as an inspiration and an important tool as we design and construct our projects. We want to leverage natural light, avoid direct sunlight during key points of the day – which can also affect your airflow and insulation, and when possible create outdoor alfresco entertaining spaces so that you can maximize your advantage of this as well.

Pakenham is a beautiful satellite suburb of Melbourne and its right on the edge of the West Gippsland region of Victoria. It’s seen a lot of growth in recent years, becoming a major growth area in South-East Melbourne, thanks to many different housing developments, but it’s still retained its commitment to nature – hence the beautiful views.

These customers wanted to appreciate all of the above, but as is normally the case, the wonderful views came with a sloped lot. We addressed this immediately and also worked with the local town planning department regarding the site positioning.

The AHH team would think that we were missing out on steps of the process if there weren’t a significant number of brainstorming and alignment conversations on any successful project. The Packenham project was no different. Our design team met, our architects met, our builders met, the owners met, and after approximately 12 months of discussion and preparation, we found a solution for a house layout that took advantage of the views from all three levels of the home.

It only made sense to move forward with an open plan design with specific high-end inclusions – something that the owners were very passionate about. In the end, we completed design on a building of 40-squares with large windows and rear balconies, as well as decking to take in the earlier-mentioned views.

Other highlights included:

  • Stone benchtops to all cabinetry
  • 1200 x 600 floor tiles throughout
  • Five bedrooms – each with walk-in robes and full ensuite.
  • A full amenity theatre room, complete with raised floor and theatre lighting
  • A custom feature front door, as well a large feature theatre room door
  • Clear-coated, open stringer staircase.
  • Glass balustrading to a balcony
  • Feature brick veneer, with render inlays.

When the work was said and done, we toasted the owners and went on our way. We hope that they’re enjoying those views as much as they’re enjoying their beautiful new home.

Accessible Home With Panoramic Views, Warrandyte

How to Successfully Build on Treed Areas and Bush Sites

Project Description

There are so many beautiful areas of Australia. From the Olga Rocks in Uluru National Park to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, there’s no shortage of areas to explore – whether you’re looking for a day trip or a place to build your forever home. While the Australian Heritage Homes team is passionate about spontaneity and adventure, we’re far more focused on your forever home and the different cities and suburbs everywhere in between where you can lay down your roots.

Today’s property can be found in Warrandyte – a suburb of Melbourne, about 24 km northeast of the Central Business District. It’s a small but mighty town, with roots as once being as a very gold-rich finding town. It’s bordered by the Mullum Mullum Creek and the Yarra River. That means that there’s no shortage of beautiful scenery to look at, but what about the home itself?

As with all of the best properties, this one came with opportunities. Read: opportunities, not challenges. It had a lot of existing vegetation, many trees and a huge incline. These are each flags for a Council Overlay, and this property was no exception. Bonus? It had a high brush fire rating and an assessment was needed. Note – assessments aren’t always a bad thing; instead, they’re just doing an extra homework to ensure that your current or future home is exactly the place that you want to be.

With these specific council conversations, we addressed site positioning, site flora and fauna, removal of existing trees, tree protection, rainwater run-off and aspects related to the neighbouring properties. Sounds like no small feat, right? Well, like we said – these types of opportunities are always worth it. We had transparent and comprehensive conversations with our design team, the future owners and the different governing bodies. At the end of the day, everyone came together, so that we could start working on the structure itself.

The home needed to be wheelchair compliant and with access for larger vehicles. The solution? Design of a building of 34-square with a number of safety elements factored in due to the fall of the land. We brought in specific machinery and cranes, removing designated trees and stumps carefully, laying out and cutting the initial driveway – all coordinated precisely so that work could continue in a seamless manner and on time.

18 months later, both we and the owners are very proud of this property. Accessible for all, easy to navigate and explore, with all of the calling cards that Australian Heritage Homes is proud to share. Highlights? Large windows and a rear balcony as well as panoramic views that surround the property.

Great things take time, and this team is always dedicated to do our homework and have the important conversations so that our customers are as excited as possible to move into their new homes.

Time-Lapse Video

What does it take to build a house? This home construction time lapse video shows you the building process of a beautiful new house in Warrandyte by Australian Heritage Homes.

Posted by Australian Heritage Homes on Friday, 20 September 2019


Renay and the team built our home on a difficult site and we are wrapt with the result! The whole experience of building our home was made easier by the way Renay and every builder went about it. Our home is 100% custom…. and all of our requests were met with a can-do attitude that makes the whole process enjoyable. We would highly recommend working with AHH….

Stevo and Carolyn Rennick

Moonee Ponds Home Renovation

Moonee Ponds Home Renovation


Project Description

The Australian Heritage Homes team believes in seeing all of our projects through every cycle of evolution. We love it. We’re inspired by the work; we’re inspired by our customers and we’re inspired by each of our teammates.

So, while many of our projects start with the concept conversations, equally as many are focused on joining you mid-way on your journey to own the perfect home. That means renovations and extensions.

Perfect example right here.

Moonee Ponds is known for being home to Queen’s Park, but it’s starting to become a recommended place to build a lot of styles of family homes. This particular family home was built in 1910, so it has lots of history and stories to tell. It’s a single fronted lot and it’s been a project in the making.

Conversations started in 2016 and we went through dozens of options for layouts. These needed to meet both the owner’s requirements and remain in compliance with each and every one of the local council requirements. Don’t ever let the latter stress you out. One of the reasons that the Australian Heritage Homes jobs is to be that conduit, be that liaison, and have those conversations for you – where you’re comfortable.

You may frequently run into that one non-negotiable that causes a lot of conversations. Again, the AHH team will always be your support in this space. For this property, that meant the rear decking, and its height, which oversees a lot of the neighbouring properties.

Every AHH story tends to have a happy ending, and this design culminated with a beautiful design, meeting all of the requirements with a sign-off from all parties.

As noted above, this was a renovation – so it focused on the rear part of the house with the two front bedrooms remaining in their current state.

Here are some of the other highlights:

  • We completely removed the rear decking and we replaced it with new decking and a roof cover.
  • We removed all of the timber flooring. It was time for a replacement.
  • We replaced the existing fibre plaster board wall and ceiling lining.
  • We replaced and we matched the cornice, architraves, skirtings and windows, with their respective originals.
  • We fitted a new archway, ensuring that it would still match the existing.
  • We completed a brand-new bathroom with a European-style laundry area.
  • We were proud to complete a new high-grade kitchen. It features stone bench tops and vinyl wrap doors and panels.
  • I big win was when we completed a new rear decking, handrail, screening – All with high gloss finish
  • We replaced the front door with a new, matching original.
  • As is our signature – you’ll find feature timber flooring and floor tiling throughout the home.

As noted above, and as you can see – renovations are just as big of a piece of our business as building from scratch. We recommend that you reach out with any questions.


We were recommended Australian Heritage Homes for the renovation of our Victorian-era home. It was one of the best decisions we have made.

They primarily do custom new home builds. But don’t be fooled – they do magnificent renovations too.

From our first meeting with Renay, we knew we were in very good hands. His vast knowledge and experience was very reassuring. There was no doubt AHH were the builders for us.

We couldn’t be happier with the end result. It has far exceeded our expectations. Our family and friends who have seen it so far have been absolutely blown away by the quality of the workmanship, finishes, and detail – a couple of them were almost brought to tears when they saw the completed renovation. It was almost like a “Block” reveal!

The boys who worked on our renovation (Darren, Ash, Kane & Mick) were absolutely fantastic, and they have all become like family to us. Also, all the tradesmen Renay uses are so professional, responsive and completely trustworthy.

A huge thank you to Renay and his team for the sensational job you’ve done on our house. Your attention to detail has been fantastic, and we really appreciate your sensible guidance in dealing with the inevitable “surprises” that arise when renovating an older house.

We would highly recommend Renay and his team, whether you are building a new home, or undertaking a renovation.

Phil & Jacqui

Chirnside Park Split-Level Home

Chirnside Park Split-Level Home


Project Description

There’s something about building in a storied area of land. Be it an estate, a giant park, anywhere with a story behind it – we appreciate it. We definitely did when we worked on this property.

But no special property comes without its fair share of trials and tribulations. Not that the team at Australian Heritage Homes is stranger to these. You know, if you’ve visited our Website a time or two that it’s actually something that we thrive on. Tough terrain? Bring it. Complicated needs? Challenge us more. And in this case, it meant a lot of conversations with the local council and the overlays that it requested for our Chirnside Park property.

Many changes, of our doing, and their direction, made total sense. After all, the land had a gentle slope. That looks pretty with some housing styles or on a gentle hike, but it can be dangerous in severe weather, depending on where you live. No problem. We just did a small and basic excavation. We were working with a pair of young owners – in fact, this was their first home. That puts a lot of pressure and a lot of excitement on everyone involved. You’re shaping some of the best years of their lives and painting the canvas of all of the memories that they’re going to create.

As we all know, being young frequently also means that you’re working on a budget. This was simply another creative challenge for us to bring their home vision to life and keep the money in their pocket. We had a fair few discussions, but we left each, knowing that we were about to do something pretty amazing.

So, what was the end result? You’re looking a property with a beautiful design of 26 square. It met all of the town requirements and best of all? We came in right at their budget restriction.

Remember how we mentioned the slope? This meant a split-level home, which can be an easy fix and a great design for a family of any size. No detail went by the wayside here; they had a vision and we wanted to bring it to life. This meant that inclusions were very carefully chosen, and the entire project took about six months.

Highlights included a corner stacker sliding door that opened to a beautiful alfresco area at the rear of the home. There’s no better place to not only enjoy a meal, but also just to relax with your family and friends.

That was just the start of it. Other highlights included:

  • Feature Timber flooring and tiling throughout the entire home
  • Feature ensuite works
  • A truly custom-designed kitchen, as well as a separate walk-in pantry
  • Imported tiles all around the walls of the wet areas
  • Large shower recess with tiled base

As with any success story, this one had a happy ending. The owners were very pleased with the result, and it was just another reminder of why we love doing what we do so much.


Hey Renay,

What a pleasure it has been to work with you on building such a fantastic home.

The whole process of designing, building and completion has been such a smooth and easy going procedure. The flexibility you provide with options and changing things as the build progresses was beyond expectation.

Both Taylor and I have been blown away by the quality you construct your homes too and the level of detail you and the team go to to ensure everything is perfect.

We honestly couldn’t fault the build in any way, and would highly recommend Australian Heritage Homes to anyone wanting to build a new home.

We love the home and want to say a massive thank you.

Brett and Taylor

Upper Ferntree Gully

Upper Ferntree Gully, Australian Heritage Homes, Custom Homes Melbourne

Knock Down Rebuild

The team at Australian Heritage Homes believe that all homes are beautiful and unique in their own way. We feel the same way about the plots of land on which they’re designed. After all, that’s the best canvas for us. Blank, clean, a perfect opportunity to be as creative as we choose. So, when we hear terms like “run down” or “fixer upper”, where some would balk, we run toward. It’s just a piece of the puzzle that makes us so excited about what we do. We love to be driven and challenged by our work, and we’re thrilled when we’re just as proud as our customers are pleased.

Today, we’re showcasing one such project that falls squarely into all of these categories.




Passers-by would easily call it an “old run-down house.” In fact, the owner had just arranged the demolition of the existing home on the site. Councils got involved, the neighbourhood got involved, it was a vast group of players.


Severe Slope

The land had a severe slope that also needed to be addressed, as such terrain types can be a huge impediment, should homeowners fall in love with the land or view, but come to grips that the home of their dreams isn’t feasible.

Our Solution

We needed to bring in the Local Town Planning Department. As stated previously on the Australian Heritage Home site, we have taken the time and care over the years to sustain and enhance the important relationships around the area that make the process of bringing your dream home to life. We have contacts everywhere, and we really value these relationships.

In this particular case, there was extensive and important discussion between our team, the owners and the governing council. We aligned on a 32-square building design. It checked all the boxes – the town planning requirements, the vision of the homeowners and the opportunity of the lay of the land.

You’re probably wondering what we did about the slope? A feature retaining wall along the high side of the block mitigated all of our concerns. Once that was in place, it was time to truly think about the requests of the homeowners.

They were particular – and for good reason. After all, this is an investment that you’re going to either live in for an extended period of time or hope to make good money on. 14 months of meetings ensued, and here are the highlights which we’re proud to have aligned on:

  • An open alfresco area to the rear of the home
  • Feature timber flooring and floor tiling throughout the home
  • Feature ensuite works
  • A large and custom designed kitchen with a separate walk-through pantry
  • Imported tile linings of the walls of the wet areas
  • Large shower recess with tiled base

All of these are calling cards of the Australian Heritage Homes team. We have a passion for bringing beautiful homes to you, but we also aim to design them to meet every need you have. Here, one of the many goals was to offer up spaces to entertain their guests, but also think through areas of the home where they’d feel comfortable once the party was complete.

The homeowners were thrilled with the results. This was a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do, and how we can continue to push ourselves with every project.