Planning to Move to a Major City?

Planning to Move to a Major City We don’t have enough conversations about millennials. We don’t talk about their buying habits, their lifestyle preferences, or what they’re spending their money on. They’re the largest generation to date by number, and they’re the most vocal if you’re looking at social media – after all, they started the movement and are the best at sharing what their lifestyles really *look* like. The team at Australian Heritage Homes puts *looks* in air quotes in quotes, because that’s such a subjective thought process. What may seem beautiful to you may not seem remotely attractive to others – that’s the beauty of home design. The team here loves that about the industry. We love that about home design, we love that about landscaping, we love that about interior design and so many other pieces of the industry. But more than anything, we love sharing information with you. To that point, this blog seemed like the perfect tool. It’s a platform for us to showcase exactly what we’re interested in and passionate about. More often than not, that should mean articles that provide information and entertainment. Bonus points if they’re engaging enough to stick around through the duration. To that point, we like you to be set up for success. Part of that is knowing where to build your forever home. Let’s break it down by cost:

Hong Kong comes to mind first. If you’re trying to live on a budget, we wouldn’t recommend moving here. We first looked at Business Insider where, “Hong Kong and San Francisco are the only two cities on the list where the average two-bedroom rent exceeds $3,000. San Francisco is one of four US cities that make the list of the top 25 global cities with the most expensive rent, along with New York, Boston, and Chicago.”

Many of you are probably nodding your heads in agreement. After all, each has a specific reputation. Some fell from *glory* last year, (again, air quotes for a reason) with Dubai in the number one spot (not sure that this is an honor that you want to have). Others saw huge rent increases like Zurich, Tokyo and Frankfurt. Said article on Business Insider has a great top-25 most expensive cities breakdown, if you’re looking to make a move any time soon.

If you are, remember to keep certain elements in mind, before you pick a neighborhood or a city. Think about how you spend your days. Do you start with a cup of coffee or tea? Then it will probably help to have a coffee shop or café nearby. There are cities all over the world that are famous for different types, and thanks to the internet, the research is at your fingertips. Coffee/tea/breakfast beverages are just one example, but the bottom line is that there’s something for everyone out there.

Questions? Comments? Let the team at Australian Heritage Homes know. We can’t wait to hear from you and turn your house into a home.