November Home Renovation News

November Home Renovation NewsWelcome to the Australian Heritage Homes blog! If you’re old hat, you know that this is our playground for what we’re most passionate about – turning houses into homes. We’ve spent enough time in this industry, honing our craft and practicing our processes to know that this is a game that will never be done. We’ll constantly be finessing the ways that we build your dream home, the way that we choose the finishes that are going to make you beam with pride and the way that we treat our customers so that they’re not just customers, they’re our community of friends. The relationship does not end when the work is done, we’re here for life to answer any questions that you may have and to ensure that we’re on-hand to have conversations about the topics of interest that mean the most to us. In order to not bore you, once a month, we aim to share a round-up of our favourite articles on the internet. Here are highlights from the past 30-days:

Australian awarded house in ‘bizarre’ 20-year squatting case

If you’re planning on squatting anytime soon… This article is for you. The team at Australian Heritage Homes wants to be very clear… we do not condone squatting in any capacity. Why would you when you could reach out to our team or others around the area to build and move into your perfect home? But sometimes, there are those who are unfamiliar with the AHH team. We know, we know, it’s an anomaly, but it happens. And it happened here. In fact, it happened over a long period of time – 20 years to be exact. Read on here for more information.

Renovating isn’t the only time to worry about asbestos

If you struggle with being squeamish… this article may not be for you. But it’s necessary reading non-the-less. Here’s a fun fact: “Unfortunately, no one is immune to the risk of being exposed to asbestos, despite it being banned in Australia for almost 15 years it has been used in more than 3,000 products worldwide.” So, renovations are not the only time when asbestos needs to be on your mind. In fact, you need to be thinking about it if you’re doing any kind of renovations or moving into a new home. But don’t fear! There are easy ways to fix asbestos. The best first step? Reaching out to the AHH team! Learn more about it here.

The Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value in 2018

If you like photo envy… this story may or may not be for you. That would depend if you’re planning on taking inspiration from the best renovations of the year, or if you’re someone that is scared to take the plunge based on what you see on the internet. Remember… there are amazing tools that you can use to make your projects look far more beautiful and easy than they truly were. Either way, you’re welcome to check out the best renovations that the Web has seen recently and perhaps, find some inspiration. Check out the article here.

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