Non-Negotiables for Your Next Dream Home

Non Negotiables for Your Next Dream HomeBirthdays? Great. Holidays? Wonderful. Big moments like wedding days, graduations or job promotions? All of these are really important. In fact, they top the list of key events that many of us wait big chunks of our lives to enjoy. But there’s one really important life goal that’s not included in the aforementioned list and that’s purchasing your dream home. For some, it’s never in the cards or in their interests, and that’s perfectly fine. For those who have had their vision boards and inspirations for years up until this point, the Australian Heritage Homes team is here to support.

We love designing your dream homes and we also consider ourselves very prolific and knowledgeable navigating the process (which can be truly special). The most popular term that we hear is that searching for or designing your dream home is – overwhelming. You either don’t know where to start, you work with the wrong people, you compromise when you know that you want something specific, or you pay too much on what you don’t need. We’re here to stop that train of thought. Take a step back, deep breath and let the Australian Heritage Homes team talk through what you really need to keep in mind as you pick the next place where you’ll make forever memories.

As noted in the title, this post focuses on the non-negotiables. Don’t be afraid to be stern and strong on these, for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, this is your home, and you’re the one that’s going to live there. Secondly, those that you’re talking to work for you! They might have strong personalities and great ideas, but if you go home at the end of the day and don’t feel great about conversations, stand strong and remember that your wallet is paying for any decisions you make.

Here are three non-negotiables that you should keep in mind:

Area- You can’t pick up your home and move it to another neighbourhood just because you’re realizing that you live in the middle of nowhere and actually have a regular hankering for food in the town centre. Similarly, you can’t pick up your home if the noise of an urban area is making you regret buying a home to begin with! Your contractors should have these conversations with you, but you’re also responsible for doing your own research.

Amount of space and planning for your future- What do we mean? You may ask. Don’t buy a tiny lot or a home with one bedroom if you know for a fact that you’re planning on growing your family in the next 3-5 years. Best case scenario, you’ll be able to sell your home, but you’ll still have to navigate the process all over again with that added stress.

Outside space- Some people love it and some people hate it; the only important variable here is *knowing* which of the two camps you fit into. You can’t really create a giant backyard if you’ve already designed a home on a lot largely taken up by your home. Conversely, if you don’t think you’re going to want to take care of landscaping, think that through before buying a giant lot.

Lot’s more to come! Continue to check back in to the AHH blog!