News of the Month for February

News of the Month for FebruaryIt’s a new month and a new compilation of home news for our readers of the Australian Heritage Homes blog. We welcome you back and are always pleased to have a prospective or current customer reading about exactly what we’ve been working on. To that point, we’d like to cover off what you can find on this blog on a regular basis. There’s a lot and it’s not just related to the products and services that we supply to the valued community of customers that we appreciate so much. We love what we do and we think that you should as well, so whenever there’s something about the home industry that we learn, it’s on us to immediately share it with you. Read on for what we thought would be worth knowing this month:

Comfort Doesn’t Have to Be Plain

One of the unexpected things that the AHH team loves to give advice on is the inside of your home. Sure, we’ve already helped you design and construct your dream vision. Now, it’s time to ensure that the inside is as beautiful as the outside. We loved this article because it brings up one of the points that we reiterate all of the time – comfort doesn’t have to be plain. They’re not separate entities, in fact, when you get creative – comfort can be really fun to design. As this article shares, “You want your home to be beautiful, but most importantly, you want your home to work for you. But, while a functional home is ultimately the goal, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or lacking in your personal style or concepts of beauty! Repeat it with us: practical does not mean plain! You can have all the practical must-haves that emulate traits of your personal style.” Read the full article here.

Landscaping Services Market 2021 Report

Equally, you’ll always find landscaping as a common theme on the blog. It makes sense. When we build a beautiful home, we want to ensure that every part of your property speaks to our expertise. When you have great landscaping, great. When you don’t… well… not so great. The beginning of the year is always really important to take a look at the trends that you’re going to see throughout the year. They change all of the time, so we always like to keep a pulse on what is going on. While this article itself may seem clinical, it links to one of the most comprehensive reports that we’ve seen so far, with all of the information that you could want to properly set you and your landscaping up for the year. Visit this link.

Serena Williams’ Striking Florida Home

It never hurts to share aspirational articles – if only to encourage you to pursue that dream project that you’ve been thinking about for so long. She’s called the Greatest of All Time for women’s tennis and now we know that her architectural design skills aren’t too shabby either. Serena William’s humble abode can be found in Florida and the title of this article sums it up in one word – striking. She designed it with her sister Venus and it’s one to be checked out. You can do so here.