New Technologies for Homes

There’s no way around it, technology is slowly taking over the world. Now we’re not talking about robots and aliens from outer space, far from it. We’re talking about technologies that are massively improving day-to-day experiences from homeowners.

The Disney Channel produced a movie in the nineties called Smart House, in which a robot maid slowly did take over the house and all of its pre-programmed technology. While we’re nowhere near that level, there are definitely up and coming technologies which are making life much easier.

The Australian Heritage Homes team is dedicated to bringing your dream home to life, and we will work with any variety of third party vendors in the area to include fixtures that make the most sense for you. Here are some technology trends that we’re seeing in the industry:

New Technologies for HomesThe first up is integration. Integration combines complex house systems so that a homeowner can access heating, security, lights and many other systems all with the single button on a touchscreen. It can combine dozens of processes and also distribute them across different touchscreens around the home. Just think of the options. You could turn on the heat in the bedroom as soon as you arrive home downstairs. You could turn off the lights in your children’s bedrooms so that they know it’s time to go to bed.

In addition to integration, gadgets and processes to aid productivity are seeing a definite upswing in popularity. Thanks to advancements in our digital technology like laptops and smart phones, we can already access email from a sporting match, or take care of a little work while on our way home. Technology for homes is taking this to the next level enabling users to manage temperature, security and heat settings from their computers or phones before they even arrive home.

One that has been particularly popular for our customers has been cordless technology. Gone are the days of giant box television sets with a maze of cords connecting power to the wall. These days everything is based in the cloud, completely eliminating needs for cords. If you’d like to take it to the next level you can even explore transparent televisions, which go unnoticed when not in use. Installing speakers in the wall mean that even less space is taken up.

Sustainability is a technological advance which is near and dear to our hearts as AHH strives to have the smallest carbon footprint possible in any of our projects. Power management systems can effectively limit the use of standby power. This can take up to five percent of a nation’s power usage. The system can shut down any gadgets, like refrigerators that aren’t in use, so that your home is using as little unnecessary power as possible.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your dream home. Have you seen interesting articles about technological inclusions that you’d like incorporated into your home? Let us know! We’re always interested in pushing our designs to the next level.