Navigating Design One Room at a Time

Navigating Design One Room at a TimeWhen you buy, rent, build, what-have-you a dream home, it’s a big deal. We’re pretty sure that that’s been the intro to many an Australian Heritage Homes blog post intro, and we’re quite alright with that. It reiterates one of our mission values and that’s passion. So, even though our core goal is to design and build a home for our current or prospective customers, we can’t help but be excited to be on the sidelines as you navigate the next few steps, including… what is your home going to look like!

We know that it’s overwhelming. You’re most likely looking at a bunch of empty rooms. You’re thinking about which rooms you should tackle first, which can wait until later, which can cost the most, and which will be a total steal (especially if you work with the AHH team). Lots of questions, right? Well, let’s tackle it one room at a time. We’ll make a point to regularly share this content on the AHH blog because we think it’s incredibly important for our readers and customers to not only feel educated but also get excited about the same thing that makes us so passionate.

So, we spun the wheel and we figured that today we should start with the entry of your home. After all, it’s the very first thing you see right? That can set the stage for wonderful visitor experience and it can also set the tone for one that you don’t feel as proud about as you should. Here are our favourite design hacks about designing this area of your home:

  • Keep it as open as possible. You might have intentionally chosen a home that has a narrower entry or hallway, and we’re sure that it’s beautiful. Already taking away some square metres for visitors, or your family and loved ones, make a behavioural choice to not strew shoes, jackets or bags as soon as you arrive home. Instead, thinking of on-the-wall solutions, as soon as you’re in a larger space. Bonus… you won’t have to clean the floors as much!
  • Add a piece of art or a statement piece. There are many experts in the art world that think this is a great idea for both those coming and going. If you have an optimal wall as in your entry area for a piece of art (budget unrelated… if you have younger family members, hang their art!), do it! As they leave, they’ll again be reminded of what a warm, fun, and creative home they’re leaving.
  • Keep it simple. Besides small accents (that are off the floor) like the art that we mentioned, this is not a space that needs a ton of furniture or accents. Those will have wonderful homes in other areas of your home and are an unnecessary use of your budget, whatever size it may be.

Questions? We’re definitely here. And we can’t wait to dive into the best ways to design other rooms throughout your dream home.