Moving into a New Home? Here are Some Rookie Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Moving into a New Home? Here are Some Rookie Decorating Mistakes to AvoidUnless you’re working with the Australian Heritage Homes team, designing a home may be a stressful process. You’re pouring your heart and soul into a design in your head, and hoping to bring it to life, in budget and on time. Now, if you are working with the AHH team, the stress factor can be removed from this process. It’s our mission and inspiration to let you drive the creative process. Together, we learn and grow as designers and as a company.

All that aside, let’s pretend that the designing of the home is complete. The walls are up, the floors are down, there’s even a roof atop the entire structure. It looks exactly as you wished, and you are ecstatic. You’re ready to move in and begin the next phase of your life, making memories and spending time with loved ones. You’re ready to grab the keys and bound through the door.

But wait…there’s still a lot of fun ahead of you! While the outside of the home may complete, you still have the inside to decorate. The AHH team is happy to help you pick different inclusions and finishes, but much of the design is left to you. This is a time when many become over confident and take risks with the interior design of their home. While the AHH team is a huge proponent of trying new things, here are some rookie decorating mistakes that you can easily avoid, when armed with the right knowledge:

Holes in your new walls- You’ll most likely want to hang pictures or paintings on at least one wall of your home. Hopefully, since you were involved in the design of the structure, you’ll be a bit more familiar with the composition and materials that make up the walls. Take this information into account, when you’re deciding how and where to hang things. Pounding giant nails through dry wall, requires tracking down the studs beneath, so that your picture or painting is attached to a solid, durable surface.

Regretting your paint choice- There are so many colors out there, so many shades- more and more each year. It’s a bit like being a kid in a candy store, when you first check out paint samples. The word to focus on here, is samples. Make sure that you’re testing your “Orange Malibu Crush” or your “Black as Night” on a small, sample piece of the wall, before going all in. Try opening and closing blinds or curtains as well, so that you can really get an idea of what that paint will look like.

Going beyond your budget- Hey, we hear you, home design is fun. But make sure that you’re planning the décor and layout of each room in advance, so that you know just how far your budget can stretch. The last thing you want to do is be halfway through an extravagant project, and realize that you’ve finally run out of funds.