Mistakes in Architecture

Mistakes in ArchitectureArchitecture is a really unique and interesting art because it’s so subjective. Yes, there are guidelines that you should adhere to – both to keep your home beautiful and safe, but they’re flexible. The joy of designing a home is that the owner should feel that happiness as they arrive home. If you’re going to have a hand in designing your home, it should be because a piece of your heart and style went into the process. The Australian Heritage Homes team loves partnering with our customers on their dream homes. We have the knowledge and the experience to bring your vision to life and you had the guts to put this giant and momentous project in the hands of a partner like us. We take that very seriously. It’s one of the reasons that we stood up this blog because we simply get giddy sharing what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the customers’ homes that we’ve worked on. While they’ve all been successes, in the end, that’s not the case for all homes out there in the area. We thought that today, we’d share some of the most often-seen architectural mistakes that you and your contractor should avoid. Read on for more information:

Layouts – You know that there are a handful of rooms that will be necessary. They most likely include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and social spaces, among other personal requests. These need to be laid out in a strategic manner, so that you can access each easily. You don’t want your bathroom hidden away, nor do you want your social space a lengthy jaunt from the front door to find. Make sure that you have considerable layout conversations with the contractor that you’re working with, and walk yourself through the experience, so you know exactly how you’ll be navigating your future dream home.

Really low ceilings – Sometimes this can’t be helped, and we know that. But if you’re building a future dream home, get ahead of this and ensure that your contractor knows that your ceilings should be at least 6 meters tall. Even if you’re renovating a current home, this is still an option. Your guests will thank you; your home will automatically feel larger and if and when you decide to sell, this is a huge (pun intended) benefit.

Looking at the Foundation – The foundation of your home is pivotal for so many different reasons, but a lot of homeowners don’t know anything about it. You certainly want to work with a Restumping, reblocking or underpinning company to ensure that it’s solid. If it’s not, fix that right away. Signs that it’s not solid include sloped floors, cracks in the floors or walls or ceiling or excess moisture.

We know that purchasing a home, designing a home, even renovating a current home can be overwhelming. While this blog can serve as a host of resources, there’s no substitute for reaching out to the AHH team with any questions you have, embarking on this exciting journey.