How to Maximize a Small Living Space

How to Maximize Small Living SpacesImagine that everything you own fits into a 5-square metre area. Your kitchen, your bathroom, even the space that you sleep. Now imagine that at any moment in time, you could pick up and move across the country with minimal to no associated costs. Starting to catch on? We’re referring of course, to tiny houses. We’ve written about tiny houses on the Australian Heritage Homes blog before. They’re sweeping nations around the world as an up-and-coming trend in minimalistic living. The idea is as simple as the size—get creative with small home footprints and brainstorm ways to make multipurpose spaces. And with the cost of living increasing rapidly, rent and purchase costs of homes skyrocketing, many are exploring alternative scenarios.

But one of the biggest challenges is where to start. How do you even begin to downsize your space so exponentially that you could head out on the road at any point in time? We’re not suggesting that you go the long haul today. But maybe it is time to eliminate some of the noise and fuss that creates confusion in our lives and fills up our homes. Here are four recommendations that the Australian Heritage Homes team suggests that you keep in mind, to kick off the process:

Create zones in your living space

Zones are key for an organized home and a relaxed mind. Create a zone for each of the activities that you spend the majority of your day engaging in. At the bare minimum, you’ll want one for sleeping and relaxing, one for eating (no crumbs in the bed, please), and one for cleaning and relieving yourself. Bonus points for social, exercise and artistic areas.

Get selective with the pieces that you keep

It’s time for spring cleaning, no matter what the weather may be like outside. If you haven’t used something in more than a year, it’s time to either donate it or store it. Though difficult to begin, soon this may be your favorite benefit. You’ll start noticing exponentially more floor space, and open up your world to new possibilities.

Think vertically, not horizontally

You’re going to make far more sacrifices with floor space, as opposed to wall space. Don’t think of this as limitation. Think of it as an opportunity. What can you stack? What can you hang? A popular adjustment is to display frequently used tools like those in your kitchen, on the walls. Bonus? You will lose them far less frequently.

Embrace the change

This is an adjustment, no doubt about it. As with any change, there will be some updates that will feel more frustrating than others. We recommend that you spend some time reflecting on this, before making any big shifts. If you’re not fully ready to change your lifestyle in this way, stick your toes in the pool- so to speak, before committing. Worst case scenario? You’re not a fan and you can return to the previous layout of your home. Best case scenario? You’re a fully-fledged convert and on your way to tiny home living.