March Home News

March Home NewsIt’s no secret that there’s one headline dominating the news right now. It’s seeping in to every other story and pretty much every country around the world. In fact, every day seems to bring new and rather depressing new headlines. We’re talking about the devastating Coronavirus. While we’re not going to focus on that today, like we said, it has permeated a lot of the news that’s really important as you design and build your dream home, so we can’t help but reiterate the advice that you already know – Wash. Your. Hands. Wash them for 20 seconds; we know that we tell our Australian Heritage Homes team members the same thing all of the time. It’s common sense, and if recent science has taught us anything, it can save a life. Here are some other tips to stay healthy *and sane* while this epidemic continues to grow and evolve.

Okay, public service announcement over. Today’s post is one of a much more positive nature, and one of a series that we know that our readers have come to grow and love. You continue to check back in to our site, because we’re experts at what we do (designing and building your dream home, if you didn’t pick up on that before), but moreover, because we’re passionate about turning you in to one of us. We scour the Web, we synthesize our learnings, and then…. Then, we share them with you! Construction? Yep. Interior design? Absolutely. Landscaping? We wouldn’t dream of sharing a post without some nuggets of advice for you. Alright, on to our favourite finds on the Web from this month:

Green is the colour of this generation. No, we’re not talking about your eyes, or even the emeralds found in far-off lands; instead, we’re looking at sustainable living and sustainable living. The AHH team loves a challenge and we’re not the only ones. More and more of our comrades in the industry are jumping in to the fray and thinking about the best ways to limit your carbon footprint, without detracting from the stylistic preferences of your next abode. This article has just the ticket when it comes to this type of information. Visit this link for more information.

Ah, good old technology. That’s another thing that simply isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Sometimes we may fight it – especially when it doesn’t properly behave – but when it does, we continue to see its benefits in streamlining our daily routines, minimizing costs that we would otherwise have to outsource and generally answering the questions that we didn’t know that we needed the answers to. Who knew that its next step was landscaping? We did. Learn more here.

Minimalism was the thing for so long. Remember Spark Joy? It’s not like Marie Kondo has gone anywhere, but apparently, she has some competition when it comes to interior design. Enter – “maximalism.” It may be just like it sounds and it may not. You’ll just have to read this article to learn either way.

We hope that we gave you some food for thought and a good jumping-off point to start the conversation with the Australian Heritage Homes team.