To Live in the City or the Suburbs?

To Live in the City or the SuburbsFor any of us who have had to make this decision, you know that it’s a tough one. In fact, it’s just one in a number of decisions that you’re going to have to make as you navigate where you’re going to spend the next chapter of your life. If it’s your first home, you have mounted pressure that whatever you decide will dictate a number of months or even years in the future. If it’s your next, you probably have a pit in your stomach wondering if you’re making the right decision and also – if you should even leave where you live right now. These are all-natural feelings and the Australian Heritage Homes team is all about supporting you through them. You can’t stump us and you can’t give us a situation with which we can’t make you feel comfortable. That’s why we got into building your dream homes! The home, its structure, its landscaping and its architecture are a big deal, but today, we’re going to start with the basics. Where do you want to live?

There are a bunch of factors to think through:

Your commute – while many of us are working from home right now, the time that you’re going to spend in your car or on public transportation is definitely something to factor in when you’re looking at your next dream property. If it’s something that doesn’t bother you or is a great time to catch up on your work or personal reading, then maybe this isn’t that big of a deal. If you have a taxing job and aren’t a morning (or evening) person, take this into account.

Outdoor space – some of us love it and some of us hate it. Outdoor space can require a lot of maintenance but the benefits of the trade-off are just as worth it. The key here is knowing that ahead of time. You don’t want to buy a giant house in the suburbs with a huge yard, only to be stressed about the different chores that you have to check off on a regular basis.

The demographic of your neighbourhood – the key here is where you are in your life. If you’re a young family or plan to be in the near future, you most likely want to be adjacent to households that are similar and can provide a built-in infrastructure for both you and your future offspring. If you are someone who is flourishing solo, as a part of a couple, living with friends and more, your priorities will be different, but you’ll still care about who lives next door.

Cost – and finally… the almighty cost. We’re not saying that one is more expensive than the other, but the costs associated are definitely something to weigh with caution. Remember how we mentioned landscaping costs? That’s just one on a list of extra costs that you should factor into a property. The same is true if you live in a heavily urban area and bills are higher.

Bottom line, just make sure that you do your research!