Learning How to Clean From the Ground Up

Learning How to Clean From the Ground upIf there’s anything you can say about the Australian Heritage Homes team, it’s that we love a good pun. We love the kind of humour that’s very specific to what we do and it’s a continuous reminder that it’s important to find humour and happiness in everything that you’re working in. Yes, we know that there are most likely occupations that aren’t particularly humorous or even enjoyable, but while we’re spoiled, we’re also (hopefully) inspirational – showing you to find the silver lining in every hour of the day.

That feels a bit important right now, doesn’t it? As does the purpose of this blog post. Some of the news that we share on the Australian Heritage Homes blog is life-changing. No, we’re not joking. If you continue to come back, you’ll learn how to pinch pennies, how to save yourselves hours of every day and the biggest pitfalls to avoid. But some of the news that we need to share is important because not only will it do all of the above, it will keep you sane and smart, especially when little things like global pandemics are going on.

Unfortunately, that’s the case right now. And one would assume that you’re maybe spending a bit more time at home than you normally would. At first, we’re betting that that felt really good. It meant that you didn’t have to commute to work, wasting gas (or purchasing gas) and maybe even looking for parking. With all of that out of the window, the AHH team thinks you spent a solid week or two being very excited about your new normal. And then… then… you might have realized the work and labour that comes with a home office. Home offices can be a blessing and a curse, but if you listen to us, they’ll veer much more towards the blessing side of the fence and you’ll appreciate your home once again. Here are just a few tips that you should keep in mind so you keep your home clean from the ground up. (Now you get the pun) …

  • Parse out time on a regular basis to clean, but remember that it doesn’t need to be a whole day. The problem with many chores or anything that you don’t want to do is that you put such grandiose expectations on the amount of input that’s about to ensue. That’s not quite true. Just take it 15 to 20 minutes at-a-time and before you know it, cleaning won’t just go quickly, it might just be satisfying.
  • Pick a different chore every day, but also start a routine. That sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? We’re just trying to help you have a little bit of variety in your chores, while still building the emotional need to factor chores into your daily schedule each and every day.
  • Reward yourself. Same thing, and a big of a cop-out, but if you give yourself a wee treat after accomplishing different chores, you’ll have something to look forward to and something to push you to come back tomorrow and the day after.

Look at that! We got you excited about cleaning, didn’t we? (Don’t tell us if we didn’t). Check back in for more information.