Did You Know? Australians Are the Owners of the World’s Largest Houses

Did You Know? Australians Are the Owners of the World’s Largest HousesThe world of homes—home renovations, home purchases, home design, selling, buying—is a complex one. Just look at that short list of the different pieces of the puzzle. There are plenty more where those came from. This industry’s complexity is just one reason of many that Australian Heritage Homes is so passionate about what we do. It doesn’t matter how big the job, or how obtuse the ask, it’s a reminder that we’re doing something right. Because when our clients get creative, we all win.

A side effect of the complexity of this industry is the multitude of unknown facts and pieces of information out there. We’ve mentioned it before, but we’ll continue to put these fun facts in front of you. We don’t just do this because we’re housing nerds and it’s something that gets our team excited. We bring you home renovation news and tips to spur on the creative process for you as well. Moving forward, in addition to sharing the latest and greatest in home renovation news, we’ll also share a series of “Did You Know’s” that hopefully our readers may find handy. If not handy, we hope you find them interesting.

First up—Did you know that Australians own the largest homes in the world? We don’t know about you, but this came as a bit of a surprise to us. What about those McMansions in the United States? Or castles scattered around Europe? Nope. The largest homes are right here.

This is when measured floor space per capita. The average home takes up about 90 square metres of floor space. This information came from a study published by BT Investment Management. The research compared 14 countries, including the United States, Canada, Denmark, and Italy. United States came in second at 77m, followed by Canada at 72m and Denmark at 55.

South Korea, Japan, France, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany found themselves in the middle. Their properties ranged from 36m to 43m. Spain and China brought up the pack with 34m and 33m, respectively. And while Hong Kong may be the metropolis for thriving city live, it’s home life is a little bit more compact. Their living quarters average 19m per capita.

You may be wondering where these sprawling homes in Australia can be found. You’ll have to travel to Western Australia for the bulk of them. This is an area where the land fits the need, with a much lower level of medium density housing. The opposite is true for cities like Melbourne and Sydney. These larger cities will only continue to see a decrease in large properties given the demand for more and more units in the same amount of space.

What does this mean for you, when you’re deciding where you’d like your next dream home? It means you’ve got options. It’s always important as new customers to arm yourselves with as much knowledge as possible (are we sounding like a broken record yet?) and Australian Heritage Homes promises to assist you with this goal.