January Home Renovation News

January Home Renovation NewsNew year, new renewed effort to inform you on everything home news. We’re so glad that you’ve joined us here on the Australian Heritage Homes blog. This has become our hub, our go-to, one-stop-shop so share everything that we learn on a daily basis. And boy, do we learn on a daily basis. Whoever thought that there was a finish line when it came to our craft was dead wrong. Part of the ethos of the Australian Heritage Homes team is an innate desire to learn, more and more, each day. We learn new ways to build, new materials to take advantage of, and where to find them at the most cost-effective rates. We learn how to communicate with each other and with you. We learn and we fall in love, more and more, with our craft. So that’s why, our monthly home renovation news round-ups are so valuable to us. We love imparting the wisdom that we’ve learned, with you, and we’re committed to sharing it on a regular basis. So, let’s dive in to some of our favourite finds this month, on the World Wide Web.

Waterproof Advice for Making Your Home Vacation-Ready

This one goes out to everyone, across the country, who is experiencing this insane heatwave. We feel slightly badly for the tennis players who have to show off their athletic prowess, when the temperatures continue to rise. So, hopefully, a vacation may be on the books for you soon. If so, you’ll want to ensure that your home is safe and sound while you’re gone. If you don’t have someone to watch it, this becomes even more important. And what is the most prominent disaster that our valued customers return home to? Water leaks. They’re not fun, but they’re easy to avoid. Check out this article for more helpful information.

5 Things That Do Not Matter When Buying Your First House

This one goes out to those stressing about purchasing their first home. We know, we know, it’s an incredibly exciting time. You should be shouting for joy that you’re reaching this landmark moment in your life (and hopefully, giving the Australian Heritage Homes team a call to kick off the design process…). But for many, this is a time of concern and confusion. Closing costs? Escrow? Inspections? These are all things that you’ll want to plan for. But many allocate cash and time on things that don’t actually matter. There are 5 in particular that you can check off of your list. Read this article for more helpful information.

Ditching the Tub

This one goes out to everyone who has ever engaged in the age-old battle… bathtub or shower? There was a time when bath was the only option. In fact, our forefathers had some odd hygiene habits, which would be frowned upon greatly in today’s age. Luckily, with the help of modern plumbing and technology, many of us are able to enjoy showers. But for a growing group in New York City, that’s all that they need. In fact, they’re putting in the time and effort to remove their tubs. Want to learn why? Click here.