January Home News

January Home NewsOh, home news, how we’ve missed you here at the Australian Heritage Homes team. We made you a priority in 2020 and the years prior and that will not change this year. In fact, we’re ramping it up. For those unfamiliar with this enthusiasm, all you have to know is that you should check back in on the Australian Heritage Homes site at least once a month to know what’s going on in the home construction world. It might be entertaining. It might be informative. It will always be engaging. Whether you’re just kicking off a new project – of any size – or you’re finally making the move to build your dream home. We’re guessing that’s why you stumbled upon this site – or even better, thoughtfully knew that we’re the best in the area of designing and constructing your dream home. All of the above is true. Today, however, we’re focusing on information-sharing. Read on for our favorites of the month to kick off the year 2021:

This first article was interesting to us, because we’re always focused on building you your dream home, but you don’t always know the information that we need from you. Even that statement might be confusing but this article helps clear it up. The House Company writes about exactly what they need to know when they work with you. This is something that’s paramount to the AHH team – having regular and consistent conversations with you about not only your needs, but your wants. As we’ve said often on the blog, this is going to be your forever home and the process should be exciting, not stressful. Learn more here.

This next category is one that we never shy away from, especially if you’re working from home right now. We’re talking about home renovation shows and there are some good ones in the mix. You may love the classics, but if you’re anything like us – you’re running love on inventory before you start the whole cycle again. Thank goodness for us, some of our classic favorites and some new kids on the block are ensuring that we kick off 2021 with all sorts of inspiration and information. Grand Designs, 100 Day Dream Home, The Really Big Flip and Stay Home all make the list and you can learn exactly what to expect in upcoming seasons. You can check out the whole list in this article.

We will never shy away from sustainability, or promoting it. It’s the right thing to do and a huge piece of our business ethos to ensure that your home is not only best, it makes you feel good about your carbon footprint. That includes your landscaping and this article totally agrees. It discusses “Earth-kind Landscaping” which can be construed a number of different ways, but the bottom line is always the same. It’s the right thing to do. Not only will it make you feel good, you’ll save more money than you realize. Here’s the whole article.