The Interior Design Shops That You Should Keep Your Eye On

The Interior Design Shops That you Should Keep Your eye onCan you believe that we’re already more than halfway through 2019? It’s been a crazy year – interesting for the world and exciting for the team of Australian Heritage Homes. If we’ve been fortunate to work with you, we and you know that the partnership is integral, and has made this year really special. If you’ve worked with us, you also know how important improvement and growth is for us – exactly why we started this blog. The same way that scientists would get excited about a new finding or the way that businessmen would want to be vocal about a new deal, we feel that way about anything related to your home. We don’t think that we’re the end-all-be-all in home design – but we do know that we’re the gateway to all of the information that you can possibly need. We live in a digital age, so we constantly scour the internet to see what’s going on. And THEN, we impart this wisdom to you! Read on for the online shops that we think you should keep tabs on for the second half of 2019… all of which won’t break the bank!

The first should come as no surprise – Etsy! Etsy isn’t just great for jewelry or makeup… it’s becoming a hotbed for all sorts of interior décor. You’re in control, as you look through a multitude of different designers, and you are the owner of the price point. Just make sure that you’re keeping a keen eye on any hidden fees – like shipping or taxes – as well as how long it will take to ship anything.

Cox and Cox may be a new one for some. It’s based out of the UK, but it’s gaining universal appeal. It may be overwhelming when you first check out the site, so pump the brakes and take your time.  They even have experts that are constantly on-hand, no matter what kind of question that you have.

H&M is available around the world, but most would only think of clothing or shoes – all at great prices. Here’s a fun fact, they’re getting into the home design business, and the prices are just as great. The quality is great, they ship internationally, and they’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. Check out this link for more information.

Vinterior is FUN – especially if you’re a fan of vintage pieces. They take the right amount of time curating their collection, so you know that anything you find is thoughtful and one-of-a-kind. If you’re working with the Australian Heritage Homes team on any sort of style of home, there will be something for you here.

It’s a lot, we know. Building and designing your dream home should be a process in which you feel totally comfortable and better yet… excited! That’s why you should always reach out to the AHH team with any questions and comments. We’re here for you!