How Ikea is Saving the Smart Home

How Ikea is Saving the Smart HomeYou’re hopefully familiar with both Ikea and the smart home. The former is the juggernaut that is slowly taking over the world with deceptively attractive and well-priced furniture. Yes, there are the jokes around how long it takes to put together, and there may have been some controversy around their delicious meatballs, but the company based out of Sweden still has your back when it comes to turning your house into a home.

As you may assume, this rings true with the team at Australian Heritage Homes, because we’re passionate about bringing the vision of your dream home to life. We know how much time you’ll be spending in it, and we know that quality doesn’t have to come at a price that you don’t expect or plan for. We started to notice this more and more in the industry and we decided to reach our customers in different ways. Hence, our blog! We love to share unique, engaging and informative articles, that will help guide you on your home ownership (or renting!) journey. Today, that means that we’re taking a look at how Ikea is saving the smart house.

We touched on Ikea, but we know that you are also probably pretty familiar with the smart house evolution. We used to joke about it in movies, now it’s a reality.

It started less than two years ago. Ikea re-launched its reputation as a smart home company, and introduced a line of connected lightbulbs. They were a huge success, as today’s generations aim to become more sustainable and technology-driven. Now it’s time to add a set of smart blinds. They’re called “Fyrtur” (aptly named), and they’re easily opened and closed a couple of different ways. You can either use a wireless remote or you can use voice commands. This may not sound like that big of an update, but it’s a step in a new and important direction. Every product that they’re introducing is taking a look at affordability, accessibility and sustainability.

It can also be a controversial direction. After all, who can count the number of hacking or technology fail stories that we see in the news these days. But the Australian Heritage Homes team is all about moving forward, and we love seeing the enhancements that important home renovation, construction and design companies are making.

“Most players, including IKEA, don’t seem to have reached critical mass in smart home products, because it is such a diffuse and complicated market,” says Frank Gillette, a professional in the industry, who is passionate about the work. “But their specific product approach and gigantic distribution network give them a big platform.”

Ikea leadership knows that as they introduce new products, they’ll encounter bugs and opportunities, but they believe that the sky is the limit. Next up? Partnerships with more vendors across the globe, who feel the same. We know that we do. Looking to turn your home into a smart home? Or even better, looking to design and move into your next dream home? Let the team at Australian Heritage Homes know. We’re excited to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.