How to Prepare Your Yard for Fall- Part 2

How to Prepare Your Yard for Fall Part 2In our last post, we touched on a bittersweet topic – the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn. There are a lot of different benefits here. You can start looking forwards to cooler temperatures, and everything that comes with them. This includes a refresh of your yard. It’s time to rotate out seasonal plants and prepare your landscaping scheme for the months ahead.

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We have stripped out the summer plants, and we have prepared the ground for the colder weather ahead. If you’re thinking about updating your seasonal scheme, now is the time to do that research. Do you have favourite plants that thrive especially well in colder or wetter weather? If so, now is the time to track them down and figure out exactly where they’re going to fit in your yard.

Let’s make sure that we give your grass as much love and preparation as possible, after all, it’s seen some record temperatures that weren’t very good to it. You have a six-week lead time to source and sow cool-season grasses. Some examples include fescue and rye. You need to give them ample time to grow rooms and then germinate before the temperature gauge swings the other way and hits freezing temperatures.

At the same time, you’ll want to think about fertilization. This is your opportunity to fertilize any turf grasses, hopefully with all-natural and slow-release fertilizer. Here’s a fun fact – did you know that turf grasses can actually store carbohydrates just like food during the colder months of autumn and winter? If the grass receives the proper nutrients, you’re looking at a much better lawn come spring. You can check out an interesting article here about the process and the best ways to apply fertilizer.

Another fun fact? If you’re a fan of roses, fall is actually not your season. Do not prune your roses during the fall. This is because pruning will stimulate new growth, which is great, but the new growth will not necessarily be able to survive the colder months, especially is you live in an area that sees a lot of snow. Best advice? Don’t even cut off any dead wood.

You’re almost ready to execute on the best autumn landscaping scheme ever. Band we hope that you’re excited for the season ahead. But if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to the Australian Heritage Homes team. We’re here to provide guidance and best practices so that you can create your next dream home.