Houses of the Future

houses of the futureIf there’s one thing that we hope you’ve learned about the AHH team by now, it’s that we aim to please. Looking to build a Victorian manse with hidden library from the ground up? Your wish is our command. Hoping to combine the aesthetics of four completely different architectural styles? No problem, Australian Heritage Homes is here to please.

Do you know why? It’s because customer service is the foundation of our ethos, it’s the baseline of any company’s mission and vision. While we can’t control our competition, we can sure control what we offer YOU! This post reinforces that nothing is impossible when you’re ready to build your dream home.

We often hear from two groups of prospective home builders—those that want their home’s look and feel to be a trip down memory lane, and others that are after a more futuristic aesthetic. Today, we’re looking at the latter. So we’re sharing some truly creative inspiration, homes that are taking “back to future” to a whole different level.

The Noah’s Arc of the 21st Century- If someone was to ask you to name the top five rainiest countries in the world, England probably made the cut. Did you know that water damage in this area can cause upwards of $1.5 billon of damage (or euros… or whatever currency they’re working with these days) a year? The folks at NABA Architects sure did. Check out this article for photos, process and the sustainable materials that they used.

Suitable for the Most Enthusiastic of Harry Potter Fans(Warning- contains extensive Harry Potter fan lingo) It doesn’t matter which house the sorting hat may have put you in, we’re betting that any witch or wizard at Hogwarts would still be jealous of the inhabitants of this home. Architect Lira Luis fan would have been a huge fan of the aforementioned Noah’s Arc but also wanted to take things to the next level. He wanted to ensure that the home would never even touch the ground. The key? Magnets, which repelled each other, no matter whether there was a layer of water in between or not.

Cities in the Sky- Yes, this is lyric or title of many a song, but this could also be a realistic premise. Sea levels are rising more rapidly than many choose or care to think. Now neighborhoods like Ijburg in Amsterdam are exploring if neighborhoods of this style make sense. Currently, this particular neighborhood has 97 houses. You’re probably wondering how a home that needs to bear tonnes and tonnes of weight could also be light as air? Simple! (Well… sort of…) The foundation is constructed from concrete and then filled with Styrofoam. Voila!

While none of these architectural options are mainstays on real estate websites just yet, they’re surely percolating some pretty cool ideas. Hopefully this spurs the imagination of each and every one of our valued Australian Heritage Homes customers.