Homes in Australia Continue to Grow in Size

Here at Australian Heritage Homes, we support whatever size and design of home you want. We’ve got the experience to build it and the desire to bring whatever vision you have to life. From the smallest of tiny homes to the most giant of McMansions, you’re in safe hands with this time.

Homes in Australia Continue to Grow in SizeThat being said… You know that we love to share industry trends, tips and tricks, stories that will interest our valued customer base. And we’ve noticed a growing trend that we wanted to share with you. It doesn’t have to do with the style of the architecture, or the location of the properties that Australians are choosing. Nope- it’s all about size these days. Articles everywhere are showing that Australians have a passion for bigger and bigger homes. This puzzled us. Is there a common reason why? We decided to dig into our research and share our findings with you. Read on to learn why Australian homes continue to grow more and more in size.

Let’s start with the numbers. Did you know that the average Australian home is 243 square metres? That’s just the average, and it’s increasing year over year. Several studies also show that Australians are leading the whole world in terms of floor space per capita. One study takes a look at the time period between 1984 and 2003—in this time period alone, the average size of a home jumped from 162.2 square metres, all the way up to 277.6 square metres. If you do some quick math or grab the calculator, that’s a whopping 40%. We’re beating homes in the United States by 10%.

So what are families and homeowners doing with this space? A lot of it is going unused. About 75% of homes have a bedroom to spare and the average number of bathrooms in a home is more than three. You may be thinking that this increase in size is directly related to a boom in population, an increase in those living in said house. Surprisingly- not the case. In 1911, the average number of people living in an Australian home was 4.5. In 2011, that number actually decreased down to 2.6. Instead, the size increase may be related to planning for the family members that are living in the house. Kids are staying at home longer, sometimes returning home to parents after University, so parents are planning ahead for these types of situations. They’re also being really kind parents, by designing homes which give their offspring more and more privacy—their own bathrooms, secluded bedrooms and hangout spaces, the sky is the limit!

One of our favorite finds from the survey? That the reason Australians are living in such large houses, truly has to do with the costs associated with buying and selling. They can be so complex depending on who you work with, that many choose to continue to live in a home larger than they need. Who knew?!