Home Renovations You Should Invest in This Year (Part 1)

Home Renovations You Should Invest in This Year (Part 1)January is a bit of a planning month, isn’t it? You have this massive clean slate ahead of you, a full year where you have done no wrong and the opportunities are endless. It makes sense that you should take this month to really lay out your goals, objectives, adventures and challenges for the year. It gives you a sense of purpose, an agenda for success and hopefully one or two things that you can look forwards to. That’s why Australian Heritage Homes is diving into a list of the home renovations that it makes sense to invest in, this year. Read on for more helpful information.

A New Door for the Garage

This is a project that frequently falls by the wayside. You buy a home, your garage door works (goes up and down, anyways) and you call it a day. But over time, especially if you have a high-traffic household, your garage door will depreciate and lose functionality. Did you know that sellers can recoup up to 85% of the costs associated with this project, when they sell their home? That’s according to research from Remodeling Magazine. So the question isn’t whether you should do it, it’s how. Make sure that you do your research, especially with the influx of different garage doors on the market. Maybe you want to go electric, maybe you’re sticking to a particular aesthetic, either way- know that this project makes the solid investment list.

Landscape Improvements

We wax lyrical about curb appeal all of the time. It’s an important conversation for us, because curb appeal is what entices visitors to visit, view and potentially purchase your home later on down the line. Curb appeal can take many forms, but none are more popular than a really beautifully done landscaping scheme. The design can be totally subjective, what’s important – and what’s a really good investment – is the level of care, detail and maintenance. According to a survey from The National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals, landscape upgrades can provide up to 105% return on investment.

Bathroom Enhancements and Upgrades

This is a prime location for renovations, no matter the age or shape of your restroom. You want this to be both serene and functional, and with so many new products on the market, there is never a dull moment in this space. Just be careful that you’re doing active research. There is a slippery slope when it comes to ROI in this space, materials can quickly become costly if you don’t do your homework. Case in point- make sure that you’re taking detailed measurements. You don’t want to be halfway through a tiling or installation project before you determine that you have the wrong materials!

Kitchen Remodel

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It’s where everyone meets to discuss their day, to learn about each other, to laugh and create memories. Remodeling Magazine shares that a minor remodel will recoup about 80% of the renovation cost. If you go big, a major remodel will only recoup about 65%. Not sure where to start? How about refacing your cabinets or updating the finishes on your counters.