Home Renovation News- September

The seasons are changing, the leaves are going to come out to play and that means that a brand-new round-up of home renovation news is upon us. For those joining for the first time, welcome! Australian Heritage Homes prides itself on our never-ending passion to build the best homes for our valued customers. We’re here for the design, for the construction, and most definitely for move-in day. But the fun doesn’t stop there. We’re dedicated to sharing our expertise with the visitors of this blog. We share building tips and tricks, options for inclusions to incorporate into your design, and success stories of the industry, around the world. While the AHH team is local, and strives to accentuate the features that we’re so proud of in our area, we also love to draw inspiration from wherever we can. Here are articles that we found interesting and informative this month:

Home Renovation for Rentals

Just because you’re not ready to invest in purchasing a home long-term, doesn’t mean that you should rule out the unique updates that you want to make to your new place. Furniture adds dynamic, rugs and lighting fixtures can change the feel, but there are so many other options out there that we don’t think about. It’s important to do your research on what your building will allow, but you may be surprised about the creative freedom they give you. This article outlines best practices for turning a temporary house into your home.

Save on Your Kitchen

Home Renovation News- September

Home renovation can be a money pit, and kitchen plays a huge part in this pie chart. It starts with the functional updates, maybe your dishwasher is faulty, or your sink clogs too easily. It can quickly escalate to a new preference of wall color, floor tiles, finishes on your counter, or brand new additions. While some of these are more aesthetic changes, others are necessary in a timely manner. And when things are necessary on a condensed timeline, the price tags generally go up. This article provides some workarounds so that your kitchen is properly updated, but your wallet remains the same.

Houses That Work For You

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about homes driven by robots that may or may not takeover in the future. We’re talking about simple design adjustments that you can make so that your home makes your life easier. Sounds like a novel idea, doesn’t it? And many of these ideas are simple and quick to make. The mudroom is having a comeback. Example- placing buckets in a bookshelf in the foyer, each labeled with items that you and your family look for on a daily basis. Another example- easy clean surfaces that can serve as the best place to display both functional and decorative items. Check out this article for even more life hacks.

Sounds like September is a month for easy, inexpensive and functional makeovers. Looking for more ideas for your next dream home? Australian Hertigage Homes would love to hear from you.