Home Renovation Monthly News Recap

Home Renovation Monthly News RecapAnother month, another home renovation news recap. Though the weather is still chilly, this is an industry that continues to impress, inspire and educate, week after week. For those newer to the AHH blog, and perhaps unfamiliar with the posts here—our partnership with our valuable customers goes far beyond the work that we do, physically. We want to support you long after your home is complete. We want to answer any questions that you may have. And, we want to share news that we think may be of interest to you. That’s why, once a month, we share some of the highlights that we’ve found around the World Wide Web.

Building you your dream home is our business dream. Putting you in the creative driver’s seat, while sharing the abundance of knowledge that we’ve gathered, help bridge the two. Here are some home renovation news highlights that we’d like to share this month:

Gone are the days when doing the dishes and painting the walls are gender-specific jobs. Today, fewer and fewer men are properly prepared to handle the heavy lifting around the house, and are instead- turning to their wives to help. These Men Can’t Do Home Repair. And They’re Fine With That. Helps detail how more and more couples and families around the world are splitting the work. Articles like this get us really excited as more and more people are learning the basic skills to keep your new, dream home in tip-top shape.

You see it frequently in the movies, but rarely in real life. Your average-feeling hope contains so much more, hidden inside of its walls. Thousands of homes around the world have extensive history, and have been through dozens of generations of fond memories. The History Hidden in the Walls details many who have found both symbolic and valuable items hidden in their homes. You are encouraged to contact your local Historical Society, if you find anything in your home and are looking to learn more about its story.

If you haven’t noticed, social platforms like facebook and instagram are sweeping the nation. You’re encouraged to share glossy, real-time updates about everything in your life. With this digital evolution, comes an increased pressure for photos to be (pun intended) picture-perfect. In fact, there’s even a whole new market focusing on classes and seminars targeting lifestyle photography. This article supports just that – How to Take More Artful Garden Photos. Look out Ansel Adams, the AHH blog readers may become master photographers, yet.

We also want to introduce a new feature into these regular recaps. Every month, we’ll share a different style of home that the Australian Heritage Homes would be happy to make a reality with you. This month, it’s a quaint Cottage Charmer. Take a look around and think about different elements that you could incorporate into the next home for you and your loved ones. Check back in each month for more exciting news about home renovation and interior design.