Home Renovation Items You Should Invest in

Home Renovation Items You Should Invest inYou’re probably groaning even just reading the title of this Australian Heritage Homes blog post. More costs? What could I possibly have to spend money on? After all, you’ve just bought or rented your home, you’ve dealt with the movers, and chances are good that you wanted to do some decorating after you crossed the threshold. All of these are costs that you hopefully planned for and budgeted for. If not, we have a future post for you. That said, home renovations are going to happen. They may happen by choice if there are things about your home that you want to change, and they may happen by force if there are things that impact your safety or your comfort. You have two choices here – hire a contractor to get the work done for you or complete it yourself. Granted, there are some projects that are too large or dangerous for you to accomplish solo, and we’ve written about those before. But today, we’re setting you up for success on the projects you can complete by yourself – with a short and sweet shopping list of necessities.

Let’s start small. Everyone should have a tape measure. If you’ve visited this blog in the past, you know what huge proponents we are about doing your homework. The biggest piece of that is knowing exactly what you’re working with. You want exact specifications or specs of the area in which you’re doing the work so that you can buy the right amount of product to help you get the job done.

Ladders aren’t just necessary for homes of multiple storeys – although they definitely are necessary there. Even if you don’t have stairs in your home, you most likely will need access to your roof. You’ll want to get up there to check the shingles, clean out gutters (especially when the leaves start to fall), and accomplish any window cleaning. Ladders are also optimal indoors for things like changing light fixtures or paint jobs.

Claw hammers aren’t just regular hammers. They really get under the surface of whatever you’re trying to break through or break into (just make sure you only use them in your home). Even if you’re not tackling a home renovation, claw hammers can help with tasks like opening lids on paint or tapping in a nail to hang a favourite picture.

Power saws are something that you want to be careful and diligent with, but they’re a wonderful thing to have around. We recommend cordless power saws. They save you a tonne of time because you don’t have to spend hours and hours with regular saws. That said, if you’re adding any sort of power tool to your list, best to throw in gloves and protective eyewear, so you can focus on the project at hand and not be worried about unsafe conditions.

We enjoy helping you fill your future toolbox, but if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to the Australian Heritage Homes team.