Home News for October

Home News for OctoberHow is everyone doing? The Australian Heritage Homes team doesn’t ask that enough, and we should. We care so much about our customers, our community, our friends, and if we can’t check in with you all on platforms like this one, then we’re not doing our job as the best in the business when it comes to your dream homes. Don’t worry, we’re totally doing our jobs (and we’re doing them well), but there is always room for improvement – and for right now, that means truly caring about you and your needs wherever and however we can. If you are a regular visitor to the AHH blog, then hopefully you’re only continuing to notice that we love sharing what we love… with you. So, for today, that’s the October round-up of home news. Read on for more information:

Prefab construction is definitely having a hay-day. It probably has been for a long time, but it bears revisiting. This Fast Company article takes a different angle and approach – why isn’t prefab fixing all of the problems that have and will continue to plague the construction industry? As this article shares, in construction and building, there truly is no easy fix. Unfamiliar? Prefab homes take much of the guesswork out of the situation. The AHH team loves having creative conversations with prospective customers, but for those who are averse to extensive planning like this, we recommend that you read this article.

Home hacks are some of our favourite things once your home is designed. They not only make the home more unique and yours, they easily consolidate the time that it would normally take to tidy and clean your property. No matter what size or type of household you have, we’re guessing that everyone could use some time back at the end of the day to relax, or you know- not focus on cleaning! Enter this wonderful article. In its own words, “Overhauling your living spaces? There’s no need to bring in a designer to revamp your home: we’ve got all the tips and tricks of the trade to transform your interior into something special. From brightening dark corners and breathing new life into old décor to creating heritage charm in a new house, scroll or click through to discover the best home design hacks out there…”

While the AHH team focuses on the construction and design of your home, we’ll never stop reminding you that landscaping holds significant value- both now and later. The tricky thing can be the almighty question, “where to start?” This bears especially true if you’re dealing with a completely blank lot and you’re concerned about how the landscaping will complement your ultimately completed home. Don’t fret, this is where the experts come in. They’ll be able to help with parallel timelines, trade-offs you can make for cost and more. Read this article for more information.

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