High Rise Apartments… To Be or Not to Be?

High Rise ApartmentsLet’s look at a scenario. You’re a first-time homeowner and you’re super excited. You should be! You’ve put a lot of time and effort into this next chapter, and you want to do it right. While the Australian Heritage Homes team does mainly deal with creating your next and best home on solid ground that you own, we also know that the industry of homeownership Is changing and evolving each and every day.

The shape and size of home and the terrain that it’s built on is no longer the same. Look at countries like Tokyo, London and cities across the United States – buildings are getting taller and taller, so that we can save the real estate and expand on how many buildings can fit comfortably in a neighbourhood. At first thought, it sounds weird, but it might be the right decision for you. Read on for more information.

It’s been about 20 years within the Australia apartment boom. Can you believe that almost 700,000 apartments have been built within the last 20 years? That number only continues to increase, but whenever something really succeeds, you know that there is always a downside. Those capitalizing on the boom may have done things right. But, at the same time, they might not have. Just in the past years, more and more firms have noticed shoddy workmanship and workarounds that were easy to miss for consumers.

There are also regulations. They shouldn’t be ignored if you’re looking at building OR buying your dream apartment. When you work with Australian Heritage Homes – not an issue. When you don’t – could definitely be an issue. Apartments and condominiums have a completely different set of rules and codes than standard homes and that homework can be tough. Doing it right can only benefit you.

Here’s what you need to watch out for… “the Design and Construct Model”. The builder will take responsibility for the bookends of the work – the very first steps and the very last. What happens in-between? Sub-Contractors and Sub-Sub Contractors etc. They have less stake in the work, so they will only complete what’s handed down to them.

This may sound scary, but it’s easy to circumvent. The number of high rises and apartments will only continue to go up. In fact, numbers of such buildings are multiplying each and every year. But there IS good news. When you check in with the Australian Heritage Homes team, communication and engagement are number one. There’s no question about it. Even if you’re not working with us on a project – no matter what sort of project that it is – we’re very passionate about the industry and always there to answer any questions that you may have… about any project. Email us. Call us. Stop by and visit. We’re here for you! We can’t wait to hear your questions, comments, or your vision for you next dream home.