Happy Holidays from Australian Heritage Homes

Happy Holidays from Australian Heritage HomesTurn up the music, turn down the heat on the oven if it has been running too long and welcome in all of the relatives you can. Why would the Australian Heritage Homes team ask you to do each of these things? Because it’s the holiday season of course! Granted, we’re all about celebrating in your dream home all year round, but when the official Hallmark clock says it’s time to start ringing in the holiday season, we say that it’s simply poor form not to follow along.

If you’re new to the Australian Heritage Homes site and blog, you picked probably the happiest time to check it out. You’ll want to become a regular visitor as quickly as you’re able, so that you don’t miss out on all sorts of advice. Highlights have included everything from how to build on a sloped lot, to maximizing the view outside of your windows, to building around trees, to designing specific rooms in your home and everything in between. We’ve also found great joy in profiling the homes that we’ve helped design and construct this year – only continuing to see and learn from diverse needs and unique visions from our current and prospective customers.

This post is none of those things. This post, no shame whatsoever, is our annual tribute and diatribe to all that we’ve been so grateful for this year. It just gets better and better every year, no matter what’s going on around us. There are a few constants:

Our team. Words can’t describe how grateful we are for every member of the Australian Heritage Homes team – and we hope that some are checking this post as a reinforcer and compliment as to the work that’s been completed this year. Yes, a job is a job. But a career is a passion and that’s something that’s obvious when you see, meet and work with our different teammates. Helpful, constant, compassionate, communicative, the list goes on and we don’t want their heads to get TOO big. That said, thank you, thank you, thank you to our teammates!

The industry. What a cool time to be working on your dream home. We’re seeing evolutions in sustainability, technology and general knowledge-sharing that weren’t either around or readily available in years past. While we thrive on healthy industry competition, we also love the fact that this industry in particular is just plain helpful. Events and info-sharing may have looked a bit different this year, but they’ve only pushed our creativity muscle to work even harder than usual.

You. Yes, yes, we saved the best for last. We do this every year, a couple of times a year, but it never gets old and falls squarely in the category of posts that we will always repeat. We’d be nowhere as a team, company or honestly – industry – without you, our faithful community of customers. You’re curious, you’re excited, you’re about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of your life.

And we’re so happy to be here for it.

Happy holidays from the Australian Heritage Homes team!